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Tasneem Agricultural Development
Tasneem Agricultural Development Landwirtschaft
Tasneem is the first Bahraini farm to use the Hydroponic (farming without soil) technology in farming. We also advise and build green houses for other farmers and farms and train them in the best techniques and practices of farming. It is an agriculture development company that has a restaurant, a zoo and a farming area that provide organic products.
Tree of Life
Tree of Life Landwirtschaft
Tree of Life is one of the division of Al Zayani Commercial Services S.P.C. (AZCS), specialized in producing a full range of decorative trees and plants made in Bahrain to the customers’ requirement. Tree of life’s art design plants provide a convenient and equally attractive alternative to natural trees and plants.

Tree of Life product line includes replica palm trees up to 8 meters, preserved natural palm trees are also available. Tree of Life trees are made of natural treated trunks (up to 18 feet) and high quality man made foliage’s. Tree of Life product range also includes decorative and preserved palm trees up to 7 meters. Tree of Life products grace many malls, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, offices, banks, showrooms and homes in Bahrain and G. C. C. states.