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Aafaq Islamic Finance
Aafaq Islamic Finance Finanzen/Versicherung
Industry: Finance

Services: Banking services, Insurance, and online payments transactions

Aafaq is one of the main Islamic financial companies in the UAE. They have been providing innovative Islamic services and offering their products since their establishment in 2006.

As Aafaq expanded and got multiple branches in every emirate in the UAE, communication became more difficult and time-consuming. They were using different software to manage their work which complicated the collaboration and communication between their departments and branches.

Aafaq wanted a solution to streamline their performance and increase their productivity, and we knew exactly how to do so. We tailored Odoo for them so that all employees could access and use the information in real-time and connected all their departments together to simplify communication.

We also implemented the document module to help them manage their contracts and invoices. Now they can make decisions faster and seize opportunities before others. Now Aafaq is growing persistently and continues to be one of the main players among financial companies.
MASH CONCEPT INVESTMENT L.L.C. Finanzen/Versicherung
Arcadia is a niche perfumery born and bred in the UAE by Amna Al Habtoor. With an aim to turn scents into memories and relive memories through scents, it is where sentimentalists and preachers of nostalgia reside.Redirecting her ambitions, Amna founded mash concepts in 2014. Exploring one of her earliest passions, perfume, Amna seized an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of niche perfumery. Towards the completion of her perfumery course, Amna was drawn to the idea of a fragrance line focused on the art of nostalgia.