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AIH Group
AIH Group Finanzen/Versicherung
Arabia Investments Holding “AIH” was established in 1985 and successfully transformed into an investment company with a diversified portfolio.
In 2010, the company listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, becoming one of the most heavily traded stocks.
In 2017 Egyptian entrepreneur and businessman Jamal Othman became the largest shareholder and eventually the Chairman of AIH.
AROPE Insurance Egy
AROPE Insurance Egy Finanzen/Versicherung
AROPE Life Insurance, part of BLOM Bank Group, is an insurance solutions provider that delivers comprehensive insurance services. AROPE Life Insurance has been established in 2008 as a private joint venture insurance company with BLOM Bank, penetrating the Egyptian market as an insurer arm of BLOM Bank Group with a wide range of innovative, high-end insurance solutions fitting both individuals and corporates

AROPE Life Insurance is registered in the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority under license No.25 with an issued capital of EGP 100 million.
Allianz Egypt
Allianz Egypt Finanzen/Versicherung
Allianz in Egypt, comprising of “Allianz Life Assurance Company – Egypt” and “Allianz Insurance Company – Egypt”, have a long and successful track record in the Egyptian Insurance market, providing comprehensive and integrated insurance services to business partners and individuals who require the best of local know-how based on extensive international expertise and experience.
Allianz Egypt is part of Allianz Group, a global financial services provider on which 100 million retail and corporate clients rely on our knowledge, global presence, financial strength and solidity in more than 70 countries. In fiscal year 2020 over 150,000 employees worldwide achieved total revenues of approximately 140 billion euros. Allianz SE, the parent company, is headquartered in Munich,
Dar Abdullah for Investment (FEP Capital)
Dar Abdullah for Investment (FEP Capital) Finanzen/Versicherung
FEP Capital is a regulated financial services company, focusing on Private
Equity and Investment Banking services. The company was originally
established and founded in 1995 under the name White House Securities. The
company started utilizing its underwriting and securities licenses during
the downturn in 2008 in order to better cope with the changes of the market.
In 2015 the company was acquired by FEP Egypt and was rebranded to FEP
Capital. FEP Capital now offers the full range of Investment Banking
services and acts as the leading private Equity investor and manager
specialized in the Egyptian SME's.
EO GROUP (EOG) Finanzen/Versicherung
Since 1994 EO GROUP (EOG) has specialized in providing all services in the fields of auditing & assurance, accounting services, tax services, financial consulting services, legal services, HR outsourcing, advisory & IT services & insurance brokerage services supported by many expertise and professional competencies partners.

The group works as strategic partner by supporting future plans and developments vision for clients in order to achieve the ambitions and targeted policies.

Over 25 years of success in providing their services towards achieving our ultimate goal to improve the efficency of their professional services provided in various fields, they are always keen to provide their clients with all professional advice that leads them towards achieving more success and development.
Elmoakep ElArabia
Elmoakep ElArabia Finanzen/Versicherung
Holding Company Works with Multi fields like Airport solutions and Hardware security and IT field, Since 1986
FURVIVE Finanzen/Versicherung
Design office and home furniture and sell it online through our website https://furvive.com and
social media channels.
The design of your company office is a reflection of the company’s personality and the
performance of the employees. Get the comfort your company’s employees need with a variety
of distinctive offices in design, sizes, colors and prices that suit your needs.
FURVIVE Furniture and Decoration Company offers a distinguished experience that includes
the finest materials, a warranty period of 5 years, and an integrated after-sales service.
Keys Group Services
Keys Group Services Finanzen/Versicherung
Keys Group staff has a combination of administrative, back-office, tax, accounting and HR
background, having been in the field for over 15 years, serving multinational and local
companies alike. We are committed to delivering on time and providing practical and flexible
solutions to clients. Our aim is to serve clients professionally, respond and deliver on time and
provide consistently accurate results.
Leverage FC
Leverage FC Finanzen/Versicherung
Leverage, a digitally-enabled financial services startup providing full suite of corporate finance services.
Mahmoud Sewidan Financial Consultant
Mahmoud Sewidan Financial Consultant Finanzen/Versicherung
The company helps organizations setting up a strict system for controlling the accounts of the stock being produced and establishing mechanisms for the methods of its disbursement with a cost accounting system for the accounting treatment of all inventory movements since it entered the warehouse and monitoring its movement until its exit as a full or semi-finished product until it is sold.
Mahmoud Sewidan Group
Mahmoud Sewidan Group Finanzen/Versicherung
The company works with institutions, individuals and companies of all kinds. We provide a clear picture of the financial resources through certified accountants (CPA,s) and auditors (CIA,s) working in the fields of accounts, audits, taxes and management consulting by producing all financial records, keeping track of income and expenses, bookkeeping services, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank settlement, credit sales settlement, preparation of financial statements, payroll management, preparing business tax, preparing loan packages, auditing and controlling inventories, which are the most basic elements of assets for its direct impact on the financial performance, as it represents one of the uses of funds for any project.
Max Pay
Max Pay Finanzen/Versicherung
MaxPay is digitizing payments across the retail ecosystem and offering innovative embedded finance solutions through its Fintech POS and various payment services.

Distributed over MaxAB retailers' chain to ease the payment experience for more than 100K end customers.

We've automated the integration between Odoo and ETA portal, which is integrating the invoices and also the response until it's Valid.
And designing an integration process, to smooth the workflow with the main platform.
MedMark Insurance Brokerage
MedMark Insurance Brokerage Finanzen/Versicherung
Medmark is one of the largest registered insurance brokerage companies in Egypt according to the annual EFSA report, holding a leading market share in both the retail medical and the Employee Benefits sectors. Medmark is also the market share leader in the field of international medical coverage in Egypt.

With over 30 years of experience, our specialty lies in the service-focused medical insurance and assistance fields, developing our knowledge over the years and growing to offer all lines of medical insurance solutions in the market, offering our individual and corporate clients a 360-degrees portfolio management service.
Misr Capital
Misr Capital Finanzen/Versicherung
Misr Capital was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Banque Misr; a deep-rooted public bank in Egypt and one of the largest financial institutions in Africa since 1920. Throughout the years, Misr Capital has become a leader of the Investment market in Egypt. With our new products, unprecedented ideas, and dominant market share; we step ahead of the crowd.
MoneyFellows Finanzen/Versicherung
MoneyFellows is a collaborative money management and lending platform digitizing ROSCAs offering users competitive financial solutions.

V for investment and development: Reference Doesn't exist (Logo attached below)
V creates an urban environment that meets the high standards set by the nation’s leaders, with a diverse portfolio of quality real estate developments and differentiated services, a return on investment for stakeholders and value for customers, whilst providing the tools to our employees to realize their potential.

Pharos Holding
Pharos Holding Finanzen/Versicherung
Pharos Holding is a full-service Investment Bank based in Cairo, Egypt, with a presence in Dubai as Pharos Gulf Limited regulated by the DFSA. The Group provides clients with Investment Banking, Asset Management, Securities Brokerage, Online Trading, Research, Book-keeping, and Non-Banking financial services. Founded in 2005 by the late Dr. Mohamed Taymour, a veteran of the financial services sector in Egypt, Pharos has grown to become one of the top five major investment banks in Egypt. The Group has shown a steady growth trajectory over the years, and an ability to adapt strategically to broader macroeconomic conditions, with steady leadership and a team of seasoned financial professionals.
Proserv Egypt
Proserv Egypt Finanzen/Versicherung
Professional Service (Proserv) has been leading the Human Resources services market since 2010. Serving more than 600 multinational, governmental and domestic businesses and entities all over the region.
Proserv has been tackling business challenges that faced its partners’ day-to-day work while believing in mutual benefit and service excellence as a core value. We also believe that partners satisfaction is the roadmap to our success.
Proserv’s vast experience is gained through real-life well planned business practices, hard work and dedication. We put our team at the tip of your finger as in Proserv “You always come first”
We are always enthusiastic, taking initiatives. We believe in relationships, not just doing business. We value teamwork, realizing that we are stronger together than as individuals. We take seriously the promises we make. We are passionate and driven to excel. With us it has never been about being the biggest. It has always been about being the best and doing the right thing