Elektronische Rechnungsstellung

Automatic Worflow

Manage your accounting using the automatic workflow in Odoo to send your invoices to DIAN with a native integration with third-party vendor, Carvajal T&S.

Navigate easily from your sales order to your invoices which includes the Legal XML provided by the DIAN as well as the QR code that ensures you document validation.

Example of Colombian electronic invoice with Odoo

Bescheinigung über Steuerrückbehalt

Generate Witholdings

In addition to the Odoo financial reports, you can also generate, with a couple of clicks, the Withholding Certificates for your vendors: Rete IVA, Rete Fuente and Rete ICA.

Solucion Factible

Default Master Data

Colombian Generic Chart of accounts

Buchhalter können den Zeitaufwand für die Konfiguration reduzieren, da Odoo eine voreingestellte Liste von Konten enthält, die auf dem PUC (Plan Unico Contable) basiert.

Umsatz- und Erwerbssteuern

As part of the Colombian localization, the main Sales, Purchase and withholding taxes are already created and pre configured with the relevant information.

Dashboard zur Berichterstattung für Kulumbien

Functional Documentation

Odoo makes it easier for users to configure and implement the localization, by following the steps (and advice) found in our functional documentation.

Dokumentation lesen