SpiralTech is a brand of high quality dental products with offices and production in multiple countries.

Business software needs:

• Manufacturing setup, including contract manufacturing at a third-party facility (requiring transfer of inventory and generation of a PO)

• Price lists for various customer types

• Order management: quoting, invoicing and note tracking

• Supply chain management – managing stock and non-stock items, automatically procuring items when needed

• Financial reporting and bookkeeping

• Sales reports allowing tagging, sorting, trend analysis


Implementation project components:

• Business review to determine software suitability

• Analysis of business processes

• Document setup (invoices, emails, etc)

• System configuration – US chart of accounts, product setup, common expense product setup, accounting routing, warehouse routing, manufacturing routing

• Email configuration for deliverability (for automated system emails), web address setup

• User training

Steersman on-going services used:

• Business software maintenance

• On-going user training and support services