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Vertrouwd door miljoenen wereldwijd

Biomass Landbouw
The Biomass farm is located in Batroun, in northern Lebanon. Over the past years, they have initiated collaborative efforts with certified organic farmers who share the same commitment to organic farming and Biomass standards. Today, their network has grown to include over 40 farmers, spread across Lebanon, allowing them to offer you an ever growing range of products.

Challenges: Currently Biomass is using a local accounting system that serve their financial operations along with Excel Sheets, now there is a need for a new solution that allow them to manage all their business functions from a single place with accurate reporting, fully connected system between different departments.

Azkatech the Odoo Gold Partner helped Biomass farm by offering a solution on top of Odoo ERP that was able to eliminate the redundancy of software systems and with a consolidated reporting feature. The solution included a customized farming module that does the following:

• Manage different crops, crops processes, diseases and incidents for crops.
• Manage crop order and project and task linked with crop order, users can also print crop
and crop order reports.
• Manage multiple agriculture farms, agriculture farmers, different farm animals, farm
• Ability to perform crop order for specific crops with required quantity.
• Cops and processes for crops
• Equipment’s, animals, fleets, projects and task from smart buttons.
Cedarman Sal
Cedarman Sal Landbouw
Cedargreens is an agritech startup cofounded by passionate people to produce the finest quality and freshest vegetables.

Their Challenge: finding an accounting and inventory solution affordable, yet having all the elements to grow with the business.

How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: integrating the essentials modules for this phase along with the Lebanese accounting, yet the modular feature in Odoo will provide them with any future needs.

Cedargreens is in process of setting a High Technology Controlled Environmental Greenhouses in Kfarhay Batroun North of Lebanon to produce and distribute hyper-local, premium quality, greenhouse grown vegetables and herbs.

They were focusing on getting things right from the beginning. Hence they are aware that starting with the right management software will helps their business grow on international standards.

Azkatech was there first to understand the agriculture business challenges, and helped them implement a business process on top of Odoo ERP solution. Most importantly to manage their financial operations from suppliers, customers and invoicing following the Lebanese standards of accounting.

Cedargreens are now able to have a complete visibility on the operations, and reporting sections on their costs and profits.

Odoo implementation and Azkatech customization was an affordable decision at this stage for Cedargreens, yet having a powerful and full functional system to manage all their processes.