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Fungi Utilities (Pty) Ltd
Fungi Utilities (Pty) Ltd Constructie
Fungi Utilities is a smart metering utilities company which specialises in sub-mettering services across multiple lines including electricity; water; gas; sewerage and other supplementary services. We pride ourselves in adding value to the lives of our clients and the end consumers by providing effective and innovative products and services to meet their needs both today and into the future.
Gardiner Constructie
THE GARDINER FAMILY’S relationship with the stone industry
started in the 1930’s when the late William H A Gardiner established his business in Voortrekker Road Bellville.
Gardiner Stone proudly continues with the original reliability, quality and durability.
Provides Tombstones for a variety of areas such as Bellville, Maitland, Welmoed,Atlantis, etc