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Consultech Industrial Supplies SRL
Consultech Industrial Supplies SRL Constructie
Our history has its roots in the cooling towers business of EWK, the former Sulzer division. By the time we acquired deep technical experience, we integrated in our portfolio solutions that are interconnected or solve in a comprehensive way the specific needs of the industrial process, such as paper industry, oil & gas, beverages, metal processing, cement and others.
Our VISION is to maintain the optimum efficiency with quality and speed meanwhile keeping the client satisfaction in the foreground.

DESA ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION mission's aims to render services in the highest level and provide the most developed products for its customers and is aware of the fact that quality, environment, health and safety issues are fundamental business principles and integral parts of each project. The fact that expectations of our shareholders are in line with this view, which has entirely been adopted by the DESA ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION Management, also corroborates us.
SC Popval-Cos SRL
SC Popval-Cos SRL Constructie
Afacerea noastră constă în importuri/distribuție materiale de construcții, cărămizi, BCA, ciment, gips, vata minerala, adezivi si alte sisteme de construcții la preturi competitive.

Our business consists of imports / distribution of construction materials, bricks, BCA, cement, gypsum, mineral wool, adhesives and other construction systems at competitive prices.