Middle East Industries and Machineries S.A.L
Middle East Industries and Machineries S.A.L
About Middle East Industries and Machineries S.A.L :

At Middle East Industries and Machineries (MEIM), meticulousness defines their craft. Founded on 24 years of industry leadership, their 4 factories house over 1,000 employees dedicated to rigorous quality control. From raw material inspection to the final product, 4 ISO certifications and international standards guide their comprehensive Sigma Cylinder manufacturing process, resulting in over 6 million cylinders delivered with unwavering quality.


Every Sigma Cylinder endures a fiery trial of international standards. From meticulous welds to Lebanese accounting, each step is a battle for unwavering quality. Inventory, reports, and warehousing become weapons in the fight against imperfection. Only those emerging victorious, bearing the Sigma name, face the final test: the customer's discerning eye. This is the relentless Sigma challenge: perfection forged in the crucible of precision.


Enter ERP Cloud, wielding the mighty Odoo platform like a blacksmith's hammer, shaping the chaos of Lebanese industry into a symphony of Sigma quality. Lebanese accounting, once a labyrinth of ledgers, is transformed into a transparent landscape with streamlined invoicing, payments, and financial reporting. Manufacturing processes, once manual and error-prone, are now orchestrated with precision, each step tracked and optimized for efficiency. inventory and warehousing, formerly fortresses of disorganization, become bastions of order. Odoo's eagle eye tracks every cylinder, from raw material to final delivery, ensuring optimal stock levels and minimizing waste. This is the Odoo solution, a forge of efficiency where Sigma Cylinders are not just made, but empowered. It's a testament to the power of technology to tame complexity, a beacon of progress in the heart of Lebanese industry.