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 FinancePlan+ Finanz- und Versicherungsmakler GmbH
FinancePlan+ Finanz- und Versicherungsmakler GmbH Finanza/Assicurazione
FinancePlan+ Finanz- und Versicherungsmakler GmbH
Bank of the Cook Islands
Bank of the Cook Islands Finanza/Assicurazione
The Bank of The Cook Islands is a state owned banking institution on the independent Cook Islands archipelago. The Cook Islands is a parliamentary democracy with a self-governed territory in free association with New Zealand.
The Bank of The Cook Islands uses the Odoo Modules Sales, Accounting and Customs. Openfellas have supported the implementation and support of specific customer certificates and registration procedures employed in the bank’s headquarters and the respective subsidiaries on the various islands. In addition, the state bank is responsible for the registration and allocation of license plates in the country. All processes, starting with the application for, via the registration of license plates to the monitoring of payments, are supported and continuously updated by openfellas.
We are proud to say that this is one of our longest-standing customer relationships, proud,
• because we are dealing here with a state-owned bank subject to a considerable number of particular requirements;
• because in the long run, mutual trust always pays off in an active partnership;
• because we are able to support a customer on the other side of the globe so actively and effectively.
Cominvestment AG
Cominvestment AG Finanza/Assicurazione
Multinacional Suiza dedicada a proporcionar servicios financieros, de comercio exterior y proyectos
OneLife Finanza/Assicurazione
OneLife SA is a biomedical company specializing in decontamination solutions for Medical Devices and the hospital environment. OneLife is a spin-off of Realco SA, world leader in enzyme-based hygiene. OneLife provides innovative enzymatic detergence products, protocols and services that support high-level decontamination, including detection and treatment of biofilm and bioburden in health care facilities.
PT. Yestar Indonesia
PT. Yestar Indonesia Finanza/Assicurazione
Yestar is an investment company based in West Jakarta. They have active investments in various sectors including Mining and Nature Resources, Real-Estate and Land Development, Commercial and Industry, Capital Management.
Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services
Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services Finanza/Assicurazione
Tenzing Pacific is an insurance broker operating in several countries throughout Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar & Philippines).