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Egypt –TEDA SEZone Development Co S.A.E
Egypt –TEDA SEZone Development Co S.A.E Extraterritoriale
China Egypt TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone is one of the second batch of national overseas economic and trade cooperation zones approved by Chinese
government. It is jointly established by the governments of both China and Egypt, and dominantly operated by Tianjin Economic - technological Development Area - the best
development area in China, under the guidance of Ministry of Commerce of China, and the promotion of Tianjin Municipal Government. After development and construction of
eight years, the Cooperation Zone has been developed into one of the best overseas economic and trade cooperation zones of China, and established a good overseas development
platform for Chinese enterprises "going global", with the aim of creating an international capacity cooperation model
Gulf International Co.
Gulf International Co. Extraterritoriale
Gulf International Co.was established in 1992 & it is considered to be the leading provider for human resources recruitment & consultancy services in the Middle East with more than 23 years of experience and more than 750.000 applicants’ profiles working in various fields covering all lines of business. All candidates profiles are stored on a large computer Data Base and State-of-Art computerized archiving system for easier accessibility in order to give better services to our customers. At the same time we're using the state-of- art finest internet portal solution for HR services.

Today our company enjoys a wide market share built from more than 17000 organizations working indifferent lines of business across the GCC countries. As well, our applicants pursue stable and promising careers.
Meitrade B.V.
Meitrade B.V. Extraterritoriale

3500+ uniek gekleurde touwproducten met meer dan 2,5 miljoen meter direct leverbaar uit eigen voorraad.
Sinds 2010 is Paracord.eu uitgegroeid tot Europa's grootste en meest toonaangevende aanbieder van origineel US Made Nylon Paracord en andere soorten gekleurd touw voor hobby en professioneel gebruik. Dagelijks versturen wij vanuit ons magazijn in Nederland pakketten naar onze klanten binnen en buiten Europa.

Paracord.eu levert als touwgroothandel aan zakelijke klanten en consumenten. Ons standaard assortiment leveren we direct uit eigen voorraad via onze webshop. Maatwerk touw ontwerp en productie plannen we graag in overleg op basis van uw wensen. Naast origineel US Made Nylon Paracord bieden we ook veel andere touwsoorten. Lees meer over verschillende soorten touw of over het ontstaan en gebruik van Paracord.

NV GEO Square
NV GEO Square Extraterritoriale
The Geo Square companies deliver solutions, services and products that create & deliver added value based on spatial information & connected data streams. We are focused on leveraging the spatial and contextual information that is inherently available in your data and business flows. By doing this we turn spatial information into real business value.

Geo Square will use Odoo for managing their projects and accounting in a multicompany structure for different countries. 180 people will step into the Odoo community.
Respect Services
Respect Services Extraterritoriale
Respect Clearing Services is your key to unlock global borders. They have more than 15-years of experience in the fields of Citizenship by investment, Residency by investment and Business Migration put at your service.
They provide free specialized counseling in citizenship by investment, and residency by investment programs to help you choose your best option – no doubt. Furthermore, and with their reliable web of partners, they are capable of offering you real estate consultancy to perfectly assist you if you choose to proceed with the “Real Estate Investment” option for any of their programs.

Roto Flexo Press
Roto Flexo Press Extraterritoriale
1. Rotoflexo press is a leader in the business of flexible printing. After looking for many solutions and partners, they chose Azkatech to implement Odoo.

2. Their challenges: managing their increasing workloads, managing inventory and operate without the need of owners With hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of manufacturing orders per year, it became challenging to keep up with the administrative work, following up on work orders, stock accuracy and production planning.

3. How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: implemented state of the art processes on top of Odoo as a step to getting ISO certified.

Azkatech customized Odoo for flexible printing, allowing them to plan their production efficiently via batches and deliver high quality products for their customers in a timely manner
SARL MAG Extraterritoriale
A MAG Sarl faz parte do grupo Mag Purchasing, sendo uma empresa especializada no envio de peças e acessórios para motos e carros americanos.

A escolha pelo Odoo deveu-se à característica open source, que permitiu criar uma solução adaptada às necessidades da empresa.

Na Arxi, a MAG Sarl encontrou o parceiro ideal, dada a sua vasta experiência em consultoria e desenvolvimento à medida.


MAG Sarl is part of the Mag Purchasing group, being a company specialized in shipping parts and accessories for American motorcycles and cars.

The choice for Odoo was due to its open source feature, which allowed to create a solution adapted to the company's needs.

In Arxi, MAG Sarl found the ideal partner, given its vast experience in consulting and custom development.
TRAXENS Extraterritoriale
Traxens fournit des services de données aux armateurs
TechSAT GmbH
TechSAT GmbH Extraterritoriale
Seit 1986 ist die TechSAT GmbH ein zuverlässiger und kompetenter Partner der Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie, der die Entwicklung, Integration, den Test und die Wartung von Flugzeugsystemen mit modernsten Geräten und Dienstleistungen unterstützt. Als Experte für Integrations- und Verifikationsanlagen war TechSAT in den letzten drei Jahrzehnten ein wichtiger Lieferant für die meisten großen Luft- und Raumfahrtprogramme.

TechSAT hat seinen Sitz im Süden Deutschlands in der Nähe von München und beschäftigt ein Team von rund 90 Mitarbeitern, hauptsächlich sehr erfahrene System-, Software- und Elektronikingenieure. Zusätzlich ist TechSAT mit Vertriebs- und Support-Büros in Hamburg, Seattle und Shanghai vertreten.

TechSAT ist weltweit anerkannt für seine Kompetenzen im Design und in der Entwicklung von schlüsselfertigen Lösungen für die Integration, Verifikation und Validierung von Flugzeugsystemen, einschließlich der damit verbundenen Beratungs- und Serviceleistungen. In diesem Markt ist es TechSAT gelungen, sich als Marktführer in Deutschland mit einer starken internationalen Präsenz zu etablieren. TechSAT ist eines der wenigen Unternehmen weltweit, das über die Produkte und die Erfahrung verfügt, die für die Spezifikation, den Entwurf und den Bau einer integrierten Testanlage für ein komplettes Flugzeug erforderlich sind.
Trait d'Union International, Dethier Jean-François
Trait d'Union International, Dethier Jean-François Extraterritoriale
L'union fait la force

Grâce à son volume d’expédition et sa maîtrise du marché, Trait d'union a toujours une solution au meilleure prix, Trait d'union c'est aussi un réseau d'agent dans de nombreux pays pour les cas difficiles ( Informatique en Chine, Événement en Russie etc... )

Courtier en expEditions internationales

Depuis 2002 Trait d'union est le spécialiste pour tous vos envois internationaux, de l’enveloppe à la palette, par air, route ou mer. Nous avons les solutions à prix très négociés grâce à notre volume auprès de nos partenaires.