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BMR Management
BMR Management Costruzioni
BMR Management Reference Client

BMR Management "Build – Maintain - Repair" is a facility, property, and project management company. They handle all the complicated and time-consuming tasks while you focus on what matters for your business
The Challenges they faced:
BMR had version 10 of Odoo. However, as the business grew, there was a need to keep the pace of growth in the technical platform to assist that business growth.
BMR needed an advanced system to manage their customers, contracts, and facilities and provides good reporting for their clients.
In addition, they needed to keep track of what to invoice and what is pending using an integrated accounting approach that is user-friendly and easy to use.
Another challenge was the need for a mobile solution for their subcontractors that will allow them to manage their assigned activities, report work done on sites via multimedia and checkin/out on site...
Azkatech, the Odoo Gold Partner, tackled BMR's challenges:
Azkatech implemented BMR’s solution on top of Odoo using: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Website, Project, timesheet, Purchase, Inventory, and Expenses modules; to fulfill all of their needs.
In addition, custom developed modules were developed to implement the business specific requirements for facility management operations, reporting and accounting.
This allowed BMR to fully benefit from all Odoo built-in functionalities yet doing their work the way they want not mandated by an off-the-shelf solution.
Dalal Steel Industries
Dalal Steel Industries Costruzioni
manufacturing and supplying custom engineered, high-quality, metal building systems and pre-fabricated houses for commercial, industrial, and other specialty applications.

ERP cloud implementation hence helped to fulfill the success story of Dalal steel having a powerful and full functional system to manage all their processes.
GCGroup S.A.R.L
GCGroup S.A.R.L Costruzioni
A leading company in installation testing ,and commissioning for all requirements projects in electromechanical system and smart building wich has obtained the international quality certificate
Jean-Claude Yared & fils
Jean-Claude Yared & fils Costruzioni
Industry: Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail
Products: Building materials, Oil and Gas equipment
Website: https://jcyared.com/

Yared are lead suppliers in building materials, Oil & Gas equipment & services. They expressed the need to eliminate the manual process to save a lot of time by implementing a comprehensive payroll system for Lebanon and other countries in the MEA. They trusted Plennix Technologies to handle the implementation of their payroll system based on Odoo platform to facilitate the employee payroll and salaries processes based on the Lebanese payroll rules and the other MEA countries, and by easily generating their pay slips with the related analytical reports. This helped Yared team to oversee its budgetary figures and to prepare a manpower forecast accordingly.
South for Construction
South for Construction Costruzioni
South for construction s.a.l (SFC) is a Lebanese contracting company specialized in infrastructure, road works, marine works, buildings and maintenance of infrastructure network utilities.

Founded in February 1987, since then within a period of 30 years, SFC takes pride of its works that by time proved to be one of the leader companies in the field of construction in Lebanon.

The timeline of SFC by the date of its institution shows a progressive evolution of the amount of projects and the size of the company.