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24SEVEN Alimentazione
Transforming Pakistan's traditional farm-to-table & FMCG value chains with digitization & innovation

24SEVEN Apni Dukan, Empowering the community by creating a seamless network of trusted resellers.
Our goal is to accelerate the growth of these kiryanas (mom and pop shops) in unison through branding and digitization; to make a positive and favorable impact within communities
Foocha Holdings
Foocha Holdings Alimentazione
FOOCHA Holdings is a sole proprietor company with a passion for hospitality management and food. Under the ambit of FOOCHA, exists a top chain of franchise restaurants bringing to the Pakistani palette, the taste of China. The aim is to continue to provide best hospitality solutions catering different tastes with varied cuisines and types of food
Ginsoy Alimentazione
Solution Provided

Back Office Operations:

- Finance
- Planning
- Procure-to-Pay
- Production
- Kitchen Management
- HR management
- Attendance Machine Integration
- Payroll

Front-end Operations:

- Point-of-Sales
- Customer Survey Feedback; integration with predefined KPIs of employees for Performance Management and Appraisal Management.
ITT Food SMC Pvt. Ltd.
ITT Food SMC Pvt. Ltd. Alimentazione
Inspired by flavors from all over the world. We have crafted the perfect sauce for every occasion. Whether you like it mild or wild, these sauces will get you flying over countries and dipping under seas.

Our aim is to provide delicious sauces using authentic ingredients; good taste, at an affordable price that will exceed international standards. If you are someone who likes to experiment with flavors & enjoy exploring new tastes then Dipitt has it all for you.
Jayson Foods
Jayson Foods Alimentazione

Jayson Foods is a family owned company, making and distributing food ingredients and flavors since 1948. Serving National and Multinational Industries

MT Enterprises
MT Enterprises Alimentazione
MT Enterprises are a leading brand when it comes to franchise ownership of restaurant chains in Pakistan; their biggest acquisition is Burger Lab whose 5 branches directly fall under their ownership.
Milkyz food
Milkyz food Alimentazione
Milkyz Foods is one of the renowned name in FMCG in Pakistan. Milkyz
Foods is number 1 whip cream Brand on domestic level with one of the
finest quality and taste.
System Nexgen has provided Odoo ERP Consultancy and Implementation of
modules Sales, Distribution, PoS and Accounting.
Nutribel Pvt Ltd
Nutribel Pvt Ltd Alimentazione
Nutribel has up-to-date technology in the snack sector with extended ranges and volume of snack food offerings. While we believe in Quality, our facility and equipment lives us to the same philosophy. The company is in tune with the dynamic of demand and capacity, and continues to innovate market winning products