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4 Twins Cafe
4 Twins Cafe Alimentazione
From our first truck is on Prince Turky bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road up to 25+ Branch Around Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
4twins brings you an amazing selection of fresh and delicious Crepe’s, Sweet and coffee, conveniently available to you around the city.
Abazeer Trading Company
Abazeer Trading Company Alimentazione
We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems. Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.
Adyaf Gulf Restaurants - KSA & Bahrain
Adyaf Gulf Restaurants - KSA & Bahrain Alimentazione
From a warm welcome to a delectable presentation, we believe that the Adyaf experience should be a complete trip of the senses. That is why we concoct our food with great care, creativity, and respect, preparing freshly baked bread and artisan pastry everyday and using only the best ingredients in every recipe.
Agwat Alimentazione
Agwat based in Saudi Arabia they Manage local restaurant chain (Boga Super foods) Offers sandwiches, salads, and fresh juices.
BOGA Saudi Arabia, deliver variant products of healthy food, the company aims to growth through the Saudi market and achieve better market share in food & Beverages Section.
Ahmed Abdulrahman Althunayan Trading Company Group
Ahmed Abdulrahman Althunayan Trading Company Group Alimentazione
Al Karamah Dough Production Co
Al Karamah Dough Production Co Alimentazione
Al-Karamah is one of the leading industrial companies in Saudi Arabia and Egypt; it was founded in 1980 with a dedicated objective to provide the authentic taste of pastry in different product categories that meet the customer’s needs.
Al Khazar Fishiries Factory
Al Khazar Fishiries Factory Alimentazione
Al-Khazar Fisheries Factory is a leading Seafood processor and importer located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, close to Qatif Fish Market, the biggest Raw Material resources in Middle East. The Factory has set the highest standards in quality among the seafood industry in the Kingdom. Known for its leadership and commitment to providing quality seafood, Al Khazar has obtained recognition in national and international market.

The factory is a part of the prestigious Kafeir group, one of the leading and diversified business groups in the Kingdom with a tradition of 70 years. It is an inherited family business which incorporates local and International trading, processing, Imports and Exports of fresh as well as frozen seafood.
Al RAWGAN COFFEE Alimentazione

تأسست شركة قهوة الروقان شركة ذات مسؤوليه محدوده والمقيده بالسجل التجاري رقم 4030291637 بتاريخ 28/02/1437

تضم عدد 3 انشطه رئيسيه :

اعداد وتجهيز الحلويات " مصنع مولينو تم تأسيسه بتاريخ 01/07/2021 متخصص بأنتاج حلويات اسبيشل للكافيهات "

محلات تقديم المشروبات " ريلاساتو تم تأسيس عدد 2 فرع الاول في الحمدانية بجانب بن داود تم تأسيسه بتاريخ 01/08/2020

الثاني فرع الواجهة البحرية الجديدة مقابل الهيلتون تم تأسيسه بتاريخ 01/11/2020 "

البيع بالجملة لمنتجات القهوة " محمصة البن محمصة نوره تم تأسيسها بتاريخ 01/07/2021 وتضم خط انتاج كامل مع التنقية والتعبئة والتغليف "

Al tayseer Group
Al tayseer Group Alimentazione
Kim’s Coffee part of new horizon group is a quality 100% Arabica Coffee beans grown in the highlands of Plateau State in central Nigeria. Harvested from the organic soil and roasted to the finest quality. Our product offers a unique taste and aroma with no artificial addictive that is sure to satisfy your palate and put a smile on your face.
AlYamama شركة مطعم البيتزا المشهور
AlYamama شركة مطعم البيتزا المشهور Alimentazione
شركة مطعم البيتزا المشهورة هي شركة متخصصة في انتاج و بيع األكالت السريعة من بيتزا و شاورما و غيرها بالمنطقة الشرقية
Alkhair Office for Trade LTD
Alkhair Office for Trade LTD Alimentazione
عن الخير
تأسست شركة مكتب الخير للتجارة المحدوة بمدينة جدة ، المملكة العربية السعودية عام 1966م. ومنذ تأسيسها تخصصت بإستيراد الأنواع الفاخرة من البن الهرري و اللقمتي الذي كانت كل حبة منه تحمل اهتمامًا بالجودة والنوعية , بالإضافة إلى تجارة المواد الغذائية بأنواعها المختلفة مثل الهيل, الرز, الشاي الأسود, الشاي لأخضر, الحليب البودرة, الحليب المركز, القشطة, التونة, الملح .

أن نكون الشركة الرائدة في مجال صناعة القهوة و مشتقاتها و تجارة المواد الغذائية بمقاييس وجودة عالمية.

تلتزم شركة الخير بمعايير الجودة المطبقة عالميًا لصناعة منتجات القهوة وإستيراد المواد الغذائية بمختلف أنواعها ، و تؤمن الشركة إيمانًا راسخًا بأن عملية تطوير منتجاتها ترتبط بمواردها البشرية واستخدام أحدث التقنيات .
Anasia Food Trading
Anasia Food Trading Alimentazione
In 1993, Sheikh Anas Ismail Abudawood founded Anasia. Ever, since the company enjoyed sound year on year growth and expanded regionally. Today Anasia Group operates in diverse industries within the markets of Saudi, Egypt and Bahrain. a leading fast growing operator of quality food and services; having a sound input on the development of the market, partnering with competent personnel and world reputable principals.
Aollaa Company LTD
Aollaa Company LTD Alimentazione
In 1997, our startup started when Tawouk company started its own commercial business under the name of Makanna Corporation at that time. The idea of creating a sandwich restaurant serving a distinct menu at that time, using fresh ingredients from local sources and oriental spices, these products were characterized by a special character that won the customers> approval. The idea of preparing each meal directly in front of the customers eyes was also the key to our success and challenge. The company founder Taouk was able to provide a new and unique dining experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We can proudly say that we were able to create a special concept of success that turned into a group of restaurants that meet the needs of the community, and the journey of success began with a group of restaurants (Tawook - Tetra Pizza - Burgers - Grillins - Baker), which is considered one of the leading brands.
Arabian Cooperative Company
Arabian Cooperative Company Alimentazione
Food manufacturing in business sector to establish many poultry and other cooperative projects. Starting in 2009, is considered one of the most distinguished and effective entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and It is the largest poultry production line in the Middle East.
Beban Alimentazione
Beban produceert garagedeuren voor de consumentenmarkt. De elektrisch te sluiten en te openen deuren worden in Saoedi-Arabië geproduceerd. Deze standaarddeuren kunnen online geconfigureerd worden en worden bij de consument thuis geleverd of geplaatst.