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AllFlavors Supreme Foods
AllFlavors Supreme Foods Alimentazione
AllFlavors Supreme Foods was established in 2018. We manufacture premium quality snacks in affordable prices to everyone. We use high-quality ingredients, top-quality machines and advanced techniques to reach and maintain our products' premium quality. We care about helping the environment and using sustainable practices. Our goals is to become a leading food manufacturer and an integral part of the Nigerian food manufacturing industry

AllFlavors Supreme Foods is a leading premium snacks manufacturer in Nigeria. As the demand for quality, healthy and delicious snacks grows, we help to fulfill that demand. We pride ourselves on supporting local farmers and our ability to provide premium-quality products made high-quality ingredients, advanced machines and techniques. Our fascination for delicious and distinctive products is what drives us along with our commitment to outstanding quality and innovative ideas. Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients and our emphasis on strengthening our company through our core values are why AllFlavors Supreme Foods should be your first choice as a supplier of snacks.

SoFresh Neighbourhood Store
SoFresh Neighbourhood Store Alimentazione
SoFresh is Nigeria’s pioneer and number one healthy food chain, providing fresh, delicious, nutrient-rich healthy meals and committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle. FRESH IS BEST and that is how we win every day, selling a wide range of fresh salads, juices, smoothies, parfait, fiesta wraps, sandwiches and other quick on the go healthy meals.

SoFresh empowers people to; make healthy food choices and live healthier lifestyles, realise their weight-loss and fitness goals, improve their health conditions, overall wellbeing and self-esteem and be economically independent.

They feel a sense of responsibility to change the future of food as we know it today. So, their underlying philosophy is to provide good, clean nutrition and healthy living and remain a customer-centric organization in order to create sustainable value for their community