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Derma Clinic
Derma Clinic Santé/Social
Derma Clinica is a leading Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic with several branches in Oman in Muscat and Sohar.

The Clinic was founded in 2018, and owned by the Omani’s, Egyptians & an elite Doctors from France, South Africa, Turkey and others leading Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetics.

Doctors are very well known in their fields for their attention to detail, ethical approach and natural-looking results with the potential of many celebrity clients.

Derma Clinica advisors at Profile are highly experienced and knowledgeable and pride themselves on offering the best patient care to all our clients throughout their procedures. This is proven in the hundreds of testimonials we receive from our delighted patients.

The clinic offers plastic surgeries, dermatology and cosmetic services, hair removal laser treatment and all skin care services including all kind of facials and skin peelings. In addition to diet and nutrition services, food print and slimming programs.

Derma Clinica strategy is to bring doctors with extensive experience in this field to add new results and distinctive touches, from international experiences, so that we are distinguished by innovation.
Early Intervention for children with disabilities organization
Early Intervention for children with disabilities organization Santé/Social
The Association of Early Intervention is a non-profit charitable organization established in May 29, 2000 and relies on donations from the private sector, individuals, schools, government, Charity boxes, and small contributions from families of children.
Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center
Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center Santé/Social
CCRC to be a world-leading and reliable cancer medical center in the field of research, academics, and patient care. The Center is committed to providing the appropriate environment for scientific cancer research and patient care. The Center supports patients, physicians, scientists, and staff to continuously advance clinical and scientific innovation in cooperation with the government and private institutions inside and outside the Sultanate.

CCRC provides continuous patient care of the highest international standards for cancer patients in the Sultanate and over time also for patients from abroad. It supports the professional development of physicians and scientists in the field of research and enhances the quality and type of research.
Yas Medical Center
Yas Medical Center Santé/Social
YAS Medical Centre was first launched in March 2004 with minimal facilities and has since then increased it’s services and the medical facilities and has become one of the most reputed specialized poly day care centres, serving the medical fraternity of not only Al Buraimi but also serving the needs of people from cities such as Al Ain, Ibri, Sohar and Dubai. YAS Medical Centre is known for it’s philanthrophic attitude towards patients and the society, which is one of the keys to our success. YMC has different medical specialties along with other support facilities like clinical and dental laboratories, radiology, pharmacy. It has plans to increase the number of specialties in the near future. YMC provides medical services to more than 20 corporate companies from different cities like Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities within the region. Strong relationships have been establish over the years with each of these companies. The Centre has been authorized by Ministry of Health (MOH) for conducting the Visa Medical examinations.