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AirPura Santé/Social
Since 2004, Airpura’s mission has been to address the plethora of issues that are responsible for indoor air pollution.
Their customized solutions have brought clean indoor air to millions of people worldwide.

Depuis 2004, la mission d'Airpura a été de répondre à la multitude de problèmes responsables de la pollution de l'air intérieur.
Des solutions personnalisées ont apporté de l'air intérieur propre à des millions de personnes dans le monde entier.
Distribution MS
Distribution MS Santé/Social
Distribution MS is a major Quebec distributor of consumer goods in full expansion. We deliver a wide range of high-end products from quality manufacturers throughout the Montreal area.
Mobility Care, Co.
Mobility Care, Co. Santé/Social
Mobility Care Co provides short-term solutions and long-term maintenance for mobility and home health care equipment. We assisted Mobility Care by refining areas of implementation that were previously under-serviced. We performed an upgrade from the previous version of Odoo, offered ongoing support, and advised on best practices. Additionally, we provided a hosting solution through Odoo’s cloud.
Neurvana Health
Neurvana Health Santé/Social
Through neurofeedback and functional medicine you can feel better. We help people with chronic conditions feel better using neurofeedback training and fun..
Rheabrio Santé/Social
Rheabrio s’efforce d’améliorer votre quotidien en proposant des solutions qui répondent avec justesse à vos besoins. Nous consacrons tous nos efforts à créer des produits simples, innovateurs et performants. Nous favorisons l’implication des utilisateurs dans le développement de nos produits.
Nous visons à rendre votre vie plus agréable