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Alghanim International Corp. W.L.L.
Alghanim International Corp. W.L.L. Immobilier
Alghanim International Corp. is Kuwaiti company specialized in different business sector; construction and trading activity

We are implementing Odoo; Invoicing & Accounting.
Fawzia Mubarak Al-Hasawi Group (FMH)
Fawzia Mubarak Al-Hasawi Group (FMH) Immobilier
FMH Group of Companies owned by Fawzia Mubarak Al Hassawi Named one of the Arab world’s most powerful women by Forbes Magazine, Fawzia Al Hassawi reached her lofty and respected position through a career characterized by both pragmatism and loyalty. Project Cover Multi comapny implementation for internal and external companies in kuwait and other countries.
Med Cell Medical Co
Med Cell Medical Co Immobilier
Al Mazaya is widely recognized as one of the most important and highly thought-of real estate development companies in the Middle East market, with numerous impressive projects. The company was established in 1998 and started operation as Al Mazaya Holding Company in 2004 with a paid up capital of KD 15 million to reach KD 68.8 - approximately $243,036,000 million

We have implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Sales, Inventory, Purchases, Invoicing, Accounting, Website.
Mishhin Real Estate Kuwaiti Company
Mishhin Real Estate Kuwaiti Company Immobilier
Mishhin is a real estate company offers customers an on-demand new experience for buying and renting with transparency and nearly seamless end-to-end service online with powerful technology to get the client to the right home. Mishhin offers high quality tenancy and maintenance services in Kuwait allowing buyers to save time and money.

مشهن هي شركة عقارية تقدم للعملاء تجربة جديدة عند الطلب للشراء والتأجير بشفافية وخدمة شاملة تقريبًا عبر الإنترنت مع تقنية قوية لإيصال العميل إلى المنزل المناسب. تقدم أيضا خدمات إيجار وصيانة عالية الجودة في الكويت مما يتيح للمشترين توفير الوقت والمال.
Qibla Land Real Estate Company
Qibla Land Real Estate Company Immobilier
Company activities:

Management of commercial and residential properties owned by the parent company, family, and others.
· Rental activities of real estate, commercial, residential, and industrial complexes.
· Carry out the maintenance work for properties managed by the Company.
· Carry out real estate, economic, technical, engineering, and consultancy studies for real estate projects.

Acquisition, development, and sale of properties and land owned by the parent company and the Family, in addition to the management of properties owned by others, all in accordance with the respective laws and regulations.
Tamleek Real Estate Co.
Tamleek Real Estate Co. Immobilier
Tamlek Real estate is specialized in conceptualizing and building innovative and sustainable real estate developments across the Middle East.

As a leading real estate developer with a diverse and expansive portfolio, TAMLEEK is committed to creating urban communities which serve as residential, commercial and mixed-use destinations, contributing to the economic and social viability of cities.​