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Megs Me
Megs Me
Founded in 2017, Modern Environmental Geotechnical Company for Contracting (MEGS) is a privately held entity that prides itself on specializing in the design, supply, and installation of innovative engineering solutions. We leverage our strategic alliances with prominent manufacturers and seasoned professionals across various engineering sectors to deliver top-tier, environmentally friendly services to our clients.

In a significant distinction, MEGS holds the exclusive representation rights for STRATA Geosystems, a leading force in the manufacturing, designing, and provision of engineering solutions. Our collaboration with STRATA empowers us to provide reinforced earth wall solutions, engineering slope protection solutions, and ground improvement and construction services over weak soils. These solutions are not only designed to meet the highest engineering standards but are also eco-friendly, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable future.

Over the years, MEGS has successfully completed numerous infrastructure projects in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Our contributions extend beyond design and supply services to include comprehensive technical support for our contracting partners. This holistic approach, in addition to our environmentally conscious methodologies, has significantly enhanced the quality of our completed projects, aligning them with the cutting-edge technologies and global standards prevalent in the field. 
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