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RT BANK Finanzas / Seguros
Region Trade Bank For Investment & Finance (RT Bank) started delivering financial services in
the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in July 2001 and successfully established its HQ in Erbil in
September 2003. RT Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) under their regulations
and is listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange. We are one of the top banks in Iraq, and we have
generated an impressive revenue and maintained stable liquidity in the past years. We hold a
strong position in the Iraqi Market despite the country’s inflated economy. With our HQ based in
the city of Erbil, RT Bank currently has branches in the major cities of Iraq including Baghdad,
Sulaimaniyah, Duhok, and Kirkuk. As part of our development project, we plan to expand
regionally and open new branches all over Iraq.
veridos Finanzas / Seguros
Veridos, a world-leader in identity solutions, explains how governments can go digital and provide citizens with online access to essential government service.