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Management Solution Experts (M.S.E) SAL (Offshore)
Management Solution Experts (M.S.E) SAL (Offshore) Científico
Industry: Services & Consultancy
Services: Consultancy for corporate, people and operational strategies

MSE provides all services needed to fulfill strategic objectives through the implementation of different management solutions: Consulting, Training, Research and HR services. MSE expressed the need of a comprehensive user-friendly ERP solution to optimize their workflow processes. They trusted Plennix Technologies to handle their Odoo implementation including a localized accounting system with the multi rate feature of the Lebanese market, project & timesheet, HRMS business processes such as Employee data management, Payroll for different MEA countries, Recruitment, Training, Talent management, Attendance, Leaves, Evaluation and more.
Promate Technologies
Promate Technologies Científico
Industry: Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail
Products: Electronics and Computing

Promate Technologies is the worldwide leader in electronic and computing DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) with extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities. Promate team trusted Plennix Technologies to implement a full-fledge ERP system using tailored Odoo product to facilitate and automate their processes. The implementation included: e-Commerce, POS, Van Operations, Warehouse and supply chain automation, Consumer Journey, Finance and accounting, Social and email marketing. We built a great e-Commerce and website which grew the sales of Promate and generated extra revenue to the company. The development of the custom Van App was a key module to support Van Retail business in the market (stock loading, collection, runtime invoicing, RMA, returns, etc.) Financial and HR localizations for multiple countries (UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Turkey, China, etc.) were implemented to adapt to the territory labor and finance laws.

SWAN PRO Científico
TheSwanPro is an IT consulting firm with 20 years of experience in software development. The Swan Pro is specialized in the development of insurance management software.