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Blue Ocean Robotics
Blue Ocean Robotics Científico
At Blue Ocean Robotics we develop, produce and sell professional service robots primarily in healthcare, hospitality, construction and agriculture. We develop robots from problem, idea and design to development, commercialization, and all the way to exit. Each robot brand is set up in its own subsidiary- venture company focused on commercialization, global distribution and growth. Blue Ocean Robotics is the first in the world of its kind - a Robot Venture Factory.
TinyMobileRobots, Jens Peder Kristensen,
TinyMobileRobots, Jens Peder Kristensen, Científico
Our company specialises in high-precision, reliable outdoor robots that perform marking and stake out. We have been trained in the world of land surveying with its milimetre-precise measurements, and we have implemented that precision in an outdoor robotics environment.