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Argentinian flagArgentinien

Argentinian companies can now install fiscal pacakages (depending on AFIP responsibility) and send/sign invoices in AFIP with Odoo.

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Chilean flagChile

Odoo has a direct connection with the SII, so all your accounting records can be synchronized and reported immediately to the Chilean Government.

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Colombian flagKolumbien

Odoo can help Colombian businesses adopt the Electronic Invoice model in order to adhere to new fiscal regulations.

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Mexican flagMexiko

Mexikanische Unternehmen können jetzt mit Odoo die volle SAT-Konformität erreichen und jede e-Rechnung zertifizieren.

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Chilean flagPeru

Odoo is now compatabile with NIIF accounting and Odoo provides Peruvian users with three Signature Provider options for Electronic Invoice Workflows.

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