Point of Sale FAQ

We support all Zebra label printers (Zebra ZD410, Zebra ZD420,etc.) which are based on the ZPL protocol. The printing will be automatically launched.

Other USB label printers will be detected by our system but some modifications on the template report will be necessary in order for it to be compatible with the paper format of the printer. The printing will be manually launched through the web browser's printing page.

Note: an IoT box is required for label printers

Printing is possible as long as your POS and the printer are connected to the same local network (wifi/ethernet).

Since Odoo POS v13, it is no longer necessary to have one IoT box per POS because we can manually select specific hardware for several POS through a dropdown menu on the IoT setup menu (a few exceptions remain such as Ingenico terminal payment)

Several combinations of EPT are possible with one Odoo POS

  • Adyen-Adyen
  • Adyen-Ingenico
  • Adyen-Six
  • Ingenico-Ingenico
  • Ingenico-Six

On the top of that, the same Adyen or Ingenico payment terminal can be used with another POS.

由 2020 年起,我們的 IoT Box(建基於 Raspberry Pi 4 運行版本)已經配備兩個 HDMI 插孔,讓你可以在原本的收銀螢幕以外,再連接兩個顯示器。例如:一個顧客顯示屏,再加一個推廣宣傳用的顯示屏。