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5 Fingers Contracting
5 Fingers Contracting Yap
We have built a strong partnership with many of our customers and clients, which has led to the expansion of our business Across the Kingdom.

Seeking to be one of the largest companies in the Future, we now look forward to compete with the best in this profession.

The company has clearly developed through several different and selected projects over the past years, which has given us a lot of experience. Most of our customers come back to deal with us once again to get the best we can offer in all new projects.
6-pence WLL
6-pence WLL İdari
6 Pence is a management, HR, and corporate advisory house specializing in business process outsourcing and sales management.

At 6 Pence, we promise to provide direction, guidance and innovative services to turn our clients corporate vision and strategy into operational reality and success. With our expertise, we are determined to ease a business’ needs by offering outstanding services that sustain long-term success.

Established in 2005 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 6 Pence also has presence in both United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. The Company provides innovative and proactive services, designed to endorse customer satisfaction while increasing customer retention of our Clients. At 6 Pence, we consider Clients to be our business partners, and we work towards earning mutual successes.

We ensure comprehensive and effective solutions for employers, giving them access to top qualified and skilled candidates within their respective areas of proficiency when they need it the most.
7 Candles
7 Candles Toptan/Perakende
Seven Candles is a clothing-retail that sales clothes and accessories for women and kids.
Seven Candles has many Stores in Bahrain and is aiming to expand the store network by opening a new geographic location.
Seven Candles is known for its high quality, affordable and wide selections of clothes and accessories for women and kids.
And we do all that we could do to get our customers satisfaction, as serving our customers the way that exceeds their expectations is the main goal for the company.
A1 Pharmcy
A1 Pharmcy Sağlık/Sosyal
A1 pharmacy is a chain of pharmacies in A’Ali , Salman City, Bilad Qadeem. It has retail, whole sale and distribution sections as well as logistic and inventory divisions.
Kooheji Real Estate is the best choice when it comes to property management. Our team specializes in the maintenance of investment properties, through evaluations of quality tenants and the understanding of legal regulations. Investors want to put their money into valuable properties and create a steady stream of monthly income. But most importantly, they need a professional property management team that can take care of the day-to-day operations.

Kooheji Real Estate focuses on our desire to gain the highest return from the client's investment property and we work diligently in finding qualified tenants for our properties. This process may take a little longer to investigate a potential tenant’s background, but it’s worth the wait.

AL TALAEA KINDERGARD is an educational institutions that provide instruction to students from preschool through secondary education. They are responsible for imparting knowledge and skills that prepare students for further education or employment.
Established in 2001, Al Khabbaz Kitchen WLL is a Private Limited Company based in Manama, Bahrain. The organisation operates in the Food & Beverage sector, and has 1 branch, subsidiary or associated company.
AL KHULOOD sweets company is a business that specializes in producing and selling sweet treats, such as candy, chocolate, pastries, cakes, and other desserts
They are continually develop new products and flavors to keep up with consumer demands and trends.
Almanar Stationery was established in 1981 with one store in Manama, today we continue to expand and grow in different directions. We are currently operating three stores in Bahrain - Manama, Riffa & the recently opened megastore in Wadi Al Sail mall. In addition we have also launched our online platform (mobile app) with a fully equipped call centre, where people can call directly to our sales floor and can have their items delivered to their doorstep.

In the megastore alone we now offer smart selections of Electronics (from personal gadgets, gaming, office solutions & home electronics) Toys, Arts & Crafts, Books, Party supplies & gifts plus a state of the art creative and printing solutions.
Abdulwahid Faqeeh Investment company
Abdulwahid Faqeeh Investment company Finans/Sigorta
Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company W.L.L. is the leading real estate developer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with over 30 unique real estate projects. Bin Faqeeh takes pride in providing luxury apartments for both homeowners and investors.
Our focus is to be the benchmark for generating innovative investment opportunities, merging global best practice and regional investment acumen to deliver profitable and value adding ventures to shareholders, clients, business partners, employees, and the communities we serve.
To continue to be the Kingdom of Bahrain’s most trusted underwriter and provider of real estate equity capital for a variety of real estate products and uses, with investments in all areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Abu Aya for dates and Arabic Coffee
Abu Aya for dates and Arabic Coffee Gıda
Abu Aya for dates and Arabic Coffee is a traditional street shop that sells special Arabic dates and coffee incuding groceries with a competitive prices to the local market.
Abu Ayman Bakery
Abu Ayman Bakery Gıda
Abu Ayman Bakery is a local bakery specializing in all baked goods , bread and pastries to complement the catering industry. We use fine ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional breads, artisanal breads, ciabattas, pan loafs, pastries, cookies, cakes, donuts, and many more!

its assemble since more than 30+ years in Bahrain and owned by our own family since then
Adeem Real Estate office
Adeem Real Estate office Emlak
Family owner real estate office to manage all family owner properties from centralized office in Kingdom of Bahrain managed by local expert team. ARK has many classes of properties under it portfolio from commercial, residential and SP projects.