Bangladesh Special Economic Zone (BSEZ) LTD.
Bangladesh Special Economic Zone (BSEZ) LTD.
BSEZ is the first special economic zone developed by a Japanese company in the nation, established jointly in partnership with the government of Bangladesh (Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority: BEZA).

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, boasting 8.15% GDP growth rate in 2019 with approximately 170 million in population.
BSEZ aims to play a leading role in this emerging market of Bangladesh through development of a platform for the manufacturing industry. BSEZ is fully supported by both governments of Bangladesh and Japan with funding by Japanese government loan financing and Bangladesh government implementation of off-site infrastructure development like flood prevention (land filling and embankment) and infrastructure development (power plant, substation, telecommunication line, gas station, etc.) of international standards.

Due to the very nature of BSEZ’s business, BSEZ wanted to adopt an accounting & invoicing solution that will provide detailed and standard practices. To serve this purpose Odoo Accounting & invoicing has been proposed to BSEZ. Odoo accounting is fully integrated, allowing users to work seamlessly across multiple financial functions quickly, easily, and without errors.

Odoo Invoicing is a standalone invoicing app to create invoices, send them to customers, and manage payments. Odoo Accounting is a full featured accounting app. Accountant productivity is at the core of its development with features such as AI-powered invoice recognition, synchronization with bank accounts, smart matching suggestions, etc.

Friendship NGO
Friendship NGO
Friendship Bangladesh, a Social Purpose Organization founded in 2002, serves marginalized communities in remote rural areas of Bangladesh. With a team of nearly 5000 employees, Friendship addresses critical social issues like healthcare, education, and poverty alleviation. Through its programs, millions have gained access to essential services such as healthcare, food relief, clean water, and education.

As an NGO, Friendship manages diverse operations, from fundraising to project management, requiring streamlined processes and regulatory compliance. Odoo, implemented by Metamorphosis, integrates functions like finance, HR, and project management, ensuring efficiency and transparency in operations.

Metamorphosis's meticulous Odoo implementation across two phases significantly enhanced Friendship Bangladesh's capabilities. In Phase 1, they orchestrated the setup and customization of Odoo, ensuring seamless integration of crucial elements and providing comprehensive user training. Post-implementation support, including managing donations, purchases, and payroll, further optimized operations.

In Phase 2, Metamorphosis continued to elevate Friendship Bangladesh's efficiency by customizing Odoo for performance management, recruitment, and HR functions. Their tailored solutions, including qualitative indicators and HR letters, enhanced internal communication and operational transparency. Overall, Metamorphosis's expertise empowered Friendship Bangladesh to focus on its core mission of serving communities effectively.