Rise Incubators
Rise Incubators การบัญชีและการเงิน
The Rise incubators company project is to provide its tenants with a variety of services, spaces, and exceptional features, to help grow and accelerate their business. They created an environment that allows tenants to work on their business not on businesss administration. They provide services such as personal assistant, government paperwork, bookkeeping, consultations, and more.

Their objective is to use simple transactions conducted in a flexible environment, while providing support through professional services, all to grow and accelerate the startup business.

Rise has customizations and developments using Odoo ecommerce solutions to publish its various types business package such as facility management, personal assistance package and finance Services, were incubators can select from these package and pay for it electronically and get the services done on spot.

Rise utilized the Odoo CRM, Helpdesk and Renting modules to assure that incubators owners are getting their expected service in quickest possble way without using paper forms and wait for long approval procedures.

With Odoo multi company feature, financial and operational modules, Rise team will manage the back-offices business transactions for all of the enterprisers in the incubator office; each incubator will get its balance sheet and reports separately.