Evergreen Fresh Distribution Ltd
Evergreen Fresh Distribution Ltd เกษตรกรรม
Evergreen Fresh was born in the year 2021 as part of the Agris Group of companies. The vision is to consistently deliver the highest quality fruits, herbs and vegetables to the Nairobi retail and food service sectors.

ERPBox Solutions have been involved since the beginning to implement Odoo and help them expand their business.
SmartCrop Kenya Limited
SmartCrop Kenya Limited เกษตรกรรม
Smart Crop Kenya Ltd. provides small, medium and big farmers with smart , reliable, affordable Machinery and Technology. SAINATH Solutions Ltd. implemented Odoo 16 for Smart Crop Kenya Ltd.
SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Limited
SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Limited เกษตรกรรม
50% of all horticulture produce in Kenya fails to make it to market as a result of an informal & unreliable supply chain. Farmers frequently lose quality produce due to their inability to store it for longer than a day. As a result farmers earn less, logistics costs are high and vast quantities of food are wasted. SokoFresh offers farm level cold-storage as a service and a digital market linkage platform to seamlessly integrate small and medium scale farmers into professional value chains. With its mobile cold storage solution and pay as you store business model, it gives farmers, traders and exporters a risk-free opportunity to safeguard the quality of their produce and increase their bottom-line.