Faturamento eletrônico

Conexão com o SII

Odoo has a direct connection with the SII, so all your accounting records can be synchronized and reported immediately to the Chilean Government.

Odoo also allows you to automatically receive (and process) Vendor Bills, making it easy to track the entire electronic invoice workflow in Odoo every step of the way:

Processo de faturamento eletrônico Odoo para o Chile

Agora, você pode selecionar entre uma ampla variedade de tipos de documentos, como:

  • Fatura Eletrônica
  • Fatura de Crédito Eletrônica
  • Nota de Débito Eletrônico
  • Bilhete eletrônico
Odoo Faturamento Eletrônico para o Chile

Plano de contas

Mapeamento do Plano de Contas

The Chart of Accounts is installed by default, as part of the data set included in the localization module. The accounts are automatically mapped in:

  • Impostos
  • Contas a Pagar Padrão
  • Contas a Receber Padrão
  • Transferir Contas
  • Taxas de Conversão

Criação de relatórios

Saldo Fiscal de 8 Colunas

This in-depth report presents the accounts in detail (with their respective balances), classifying them by origin, and determining the level of profit (or loss) the business had within that evaluated time period.

Painel de relatórios para o Chile

Proposta F29

The “F29” form is a new system that the SII introduced to taxpayers. It replaces the Purchase and Sales Books. This report is integrated by Purchase Register (CR) and the Sales Register (RV). Its purpose is to support the transactions related to VAT, improving its control and declaration.

Documentação Funcional

Odoo makes it easier for users to configure and implement the localization, by following the steps (and advice) found in our functional documentation.

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