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AlFos7a Entertainment
Healthy community which support to live your life filled with Entertainment, Having Fun , Making a new friends, Discover more about yourself through our new experience. The emotion is behind every corner
Beyond Egypt
Beyond Egypt Entertainment
Beyond is an experiential learning and life coaching company that supports new generations to become independent. Responsible and successful growing people. Through an unconventional set of tools and techniques, beyond offers transformational programs for both Parents and Children that go beyond world class standards as well as adapt to the local culture and community values. We Identify root causes, nurture individuals inspire success, radiate with quality, and last for future generations.
Beyond coach’s new generations to aim for their dreams as well as control any addictive patterns of behaviors. From Learning about responsibility, to developing self-confidence, practicing self-control,and engaging with integrity. We ensure that every child absorbs the core of these values in a dynamic, interactive and healthy environment.
Bounce INC Egypt
Bounce INC Egypt Entertainment
BOUNCE is a global brand, originally started in Australia. BOUNCE is all about the energy and the movement. BOUNCE encourages people to trust their bodies, to free themselves, and move boldly.
Brandfy Entertainment
We’re a team of creative thinkers, problem-solvers, and innovators who believe in the power of great ideas. Our mission is simple – to help our clients succeed by providing customized marketing solutions that are tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Cecil Group
Cecil Group Entertainment
Cecil International Corporation is an Egyptian leading company in distributing kids toys and baby care products.
Founded in 1992 and head quartered in Cairo along with more than 100 retailers covering key destinations in Egypt.
DIGITEX Egypt Company
DIGITEX Egypt Company Entertainment

Profiting from its great location in the province of Zhejiang, east China, DIGITEX succeeded since the year 2000 to make a name related to innovative and trendsetting printing solutions. With customers from all continents and with a variety of products and production methods, DIGITEX does not only convince with the product and its quality but also with the service through the whole process.

With a factory capacity of 130 million meters per year, controlled by foreign and local skilled staff, our factory is equipped with printing & dyeing facilities such as:
- Semi-Digital Printing: 4,000,000 m/month
- Ink-Jet Printing: 1,200,000 m/month
- Rotary Screen Printing: 400,000 m/month
- Dyeing: 6.000,000 m/month
Elvis Swimwear
Elvis Swimwear Entertainment
It is a luxury clothing Store that offers the latest designs for men, women and Kids clothing and Accessories. It is distinguished by offering to their customers a range of different trends of iconic brands.
Fambeezy Entertainment
About Fambeezy: We believe that reinventing the use of social media tools by children is our greatest opportunity to improve the way those children live and communicate. We contribute to children’s progress by empowering them to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.
Website: https://fambeezy.com/
Hassan Allam for Sports Clubs
Hassan Allam for Sports Clubs Entertainment
Kode is a multi-disciplinary sports club,

great sportsmanship comes from great character ,Our sports philosophy was inspired by the concept of “arete”, the notion of excellence and moral virtue. For us, that means living up to your full potential, in life as well as in sport. But while we strive for peak performance, we never lose sight of the joy, the creativity and the freedom that sports can bring. Our athletes are driven by passion
Hive Analytics
Hive Analytics Entertainment
Creating Impact that Stings! Hive Analytics is a data-driven performance marketing company that has been engrossed in the e-commerce world since 2016.
The company’s team holds vast experience in the field of strategic planning and is highly focused on driving real profit results.
We deliver integrated solutions with the best proven and recognizable analytical tools and processes to elevate your business.
Our services:
1. Building & optimizing e-commerce stores
2. Performance Marketing
• CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
3. Growth Hacking
Hurghada Marina Boulevard
Hurghada Marina Boulevard Entertainment
Hurghada Marina has become very well known for its exclusive bars and restaurants, unparalleled choice of designer shops and luxurious holiday apartments surrounding the port.
The Marina Harbor has a capacity for 200 yachts with lengths ranging between 10 to 100 meters. Mega yachts can be moored at the seaward side of the main dock. With its extensive infrastructure that provides every service necessary for the mooring of a wide variety of crafts.
Imagine Entertainment
Imagine Advertising is one of the companies in Egypt specialized in the field of advertising outdoor and printing.
Magic Life Tours
Magic Life Tours Entertainment
Magic life Tours is a pioneer; one of the first hundred Egyptian tourism companies in Egypt With over (30) years’ experience in the tourism sector.

Magic Life Tours is an Egyptian tourism company, specialized in organizing individual tours, groups, incentive, study trips, Religious tours, Classical Tours, conferences and meeting. Our services cover all over Egypt., such as Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Alexandria, Red Sea, Oasis, Sinai, Dahab, Nuweiba, St. Catherine Sailing Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, airport transfers, shore excursions, desert trips, etc. For more than (28) years, Magic Life Tours has been collaborating with travel operators, airline companies, and hotels.

That means we have a partnership with each of the service providers we book with that gives us specific benefits.

Our tours cover all the basics, while supplying you with modern transport, convenient accommodation, city tours, and building blocks to customize your dream holiday.

And plenty of included meals. With Magic life tours, you are then able to customize your travel as we excel in helping you schedule your holiday.

Not just any holiday, but an unforgettable holiday full of motivational and life enriching experiences.

We are a member of the International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A) and the Egyptian Agency Association (E.T.A.A). It is always our pleasure to help you to enjoy.
ORYX Lab Entertainment
Oryx Lab Boosts startups to compete in the market, passing by the knowledge & experience. Web design & develop, online marketing, business development & corporate ID
Octa for Marketing and Advertising
Octa for Marketing and Advertising Entertainment
Octa Vision is an Egyptian company working in the field of advertising and its aim is to provide a professional service to be a success partner for all its customers, the goal of the company is to help Egyptian companies in addition to Middle Eastern companies
Oscar Cinema
Oscar Cinema Entertainment
Company Name: Oscar
• Business: cinematic Production
Pyramids Entertainment
Pyramids Diving Centers have been operating here in the Red Sea for 15 successful years.
Pyramids Diving Center is a PADI Dive Center - We offer all aspects of Scuba Diving fNon divers to the Professional Diver we have something for everyone.
We have a fleet of 4 daily boats along with our Sister company Bella Liveaboard, a beautiful 35 meter Live aboard Marine Vessel.
RED Square
RED Square Entertainment
Red Square is one of the leading interactive advertising agencies in Egypt. It was established in 2010 and within only seven years it became a real game changer with a clear fingerprint among a whole market. Its unique balanced blend of creative and competent products, covering a wide range of local and international clients is what distinguishes our agency.
Over the last seven years, Red Square had such a transforming impact in the fields of automotive, home appliances, real estate, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, communication, beauty and fashion industries. The great impact that Red Square left on companies and entire industries in Egypt paved the way for us to be well present in the international market. Today Red Square is engaged in planning, development, management, organization, implementation, evaluation, short term sales, experiential marketing and brand activation in Egypt, Germany, Dubai, Lebanon, Algeria and Sudan.
Our utmost goal is to constantly deliver first class quality services. We constantly work to get this goal achieved through our five basic values of teamwork, respect, commitment, motivation and fun-loving.
Remco Group
Remco Group Entertainment
Incorporated in 1995, Remco Tourism Villages Construction Company (RTVC) is the flagship of the Remco Group (REMCO). RTVC was first traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1998 (RTVC.CA) and its current paid-up capital exceeds EGP 2 billion.
RTVC forms part of and owns the majority shares in all REMCO Group companies:
Egyptian Tourism Village Construction (ECTV)
Orient Tours Hotels and Tourism Villages (OTHV)
Tourism International Company (TIC)
Remco Real Estate Construction (RREC)
Pharonia Trading & Contracting Company (PTC)
Empain Tourism Investments Company (ETIC)
Scandinavian Tourism Development & Investment Company (STDIC)
Remco Restaurant Management Company (RRM)
REMCO’s projects include resort complexes that comprise hotels, commercial areas and housing units, residential complexes, standalone hotels as well as entertainment venues. REMCO selects and acquires plots of land, designs the development, sells individual units and retains ownership of public areas such as hotels, landscaped areas, beaches and communal swimming pools, roads, water and sewage treatment plants.
REMCO maintains and safeguards the development after delivery of the units to their owners. Its projects are located in the Greater Cairo area, on the North Coast of Egypt and on the Red Sea Coast.