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Advanced Entertainment Company
Advanced Entertainment Company Entertainment
Sindbad Land is a cultural amusement and themes park for the entire Iraqi family with the largest lake in Baghdad. It is the most modern amusement park in the heart of Baghdad with full European specifications for all ages and the most beautiful Baghdad garden sessions on the shores of the largest lake in Baghdad.
Brand aid
Brand aid Entertainment
Brand Aid is Printing & Fabricating marketing solutions Since 2006. Brand Aid is a marketing-driven company providing customized production solutions and digital printing.

Located in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Iran Brand Aid's main objective is to consistently meet clients’ satisfaction and exceed their expectations in service quality and performance.
Brand Aid’s mission is to help individuals and companies elevate their business growth, increase their sales and enhance their brand’s exposure through the power of marketing.
Tareeq AlOfuq Co.
Tareeq AlOfuq Co. Entertainment
Tareeq Al Ofuq Co. Travel and Tourism is an Iraqi company was founded in 2012. Since establishment, Tareek Al Ofuk was eager to present its tourism services in high standards making use of its long and inveterate experience in the tourism industry.

The Company is witnessing a huge expansion locally and internationally and moving forward in confident steps. Now, It is affiliated to a group of sister companies, which provide all together variety of travel and tourism services the companies are as follows:

Marsa Group for Hotels and Tourism Project Management

Sindbad Information Technology Co. and online travel portal

Membership cards of Tareeq Al Ofuq for inbound Travelers VIP Transportation and services

Al Shareek Co. for Tourism Investment