Led Ner SAS

Led Ner SAS

LED-NER specializes in LED lighting, whether it is the light source itself or the power supplies and control interfaces. It's a French lighting company that does their own in-house R&D work, including design of the LED source itself and development of lighting components. As far as the lighting solution cant't be the same for a jewelry showcase and for a fashion or leather shop for example, they offer a unique bespoke product fitting perfectly all the needs of clients.

Business Problem

Product knowledge was in the heads of two people, so it was not possible to delegate ANY sales activities without many months of catalog study. Also, there was no transparency of communication between departments, so sales people had to ask every day about progress.

Key Solution

We did a smart product configurator that is foolproof for sales people to avoid mistakes, such as selling incompatible product combinations. We also implemented smart statuses on the Sales Order side, which allows sales people to have a good overview on progress in other departments.


With the new system, the owners could have holidays ;) and delegate the majority of routine jobs. This company has increased their presence in the market and has more sales.