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ASCO® Group
ASCO® Group Salute/Sociale
Advanced Scientific Company (ASCO) provides instruments, consumables, kits, reagents, training, support, and maintenance. We represent companies like Promega, Cepheid, Sacace, Roche Diagnostics. ASCO has accomplished many medical projects through the past years, the long term strategy of the company is to provide a self contained and sustained medical projects, Although the scope of each project has varied, one common attribute has made ASCO team the best in the business, namely superior quality and proficiency in execution.
Access Aid Foundation
Access Aid Foundation Salute/Sociale
Access Aid Foundation
The Access Aid Foundation seeks to be part of the change in
Iraq’s journey towards a stable future through a campaign of hope and the provision of avenues for success to help counter extremist ideology. We believe that peace begins in the classroom. With this approach, AAF will mainstream education and learning in all of its programs and methods. Through our access abilities, we will continually assess, identify, and meet the needs of other conflict-affected and hard-to-reach areas in Iraq.
Our goal at AAF is not only to save lives, but to promote transparency and quality in our work, with our partners, and in everything we do. Our understanding of this dire situation and how aid is delivered after years of work on the ground has allowed us to understand the gaps and holes in the humanitarian field. From this vantage point, AAF is positioning itself to effectively conduct our work and carry out our operations on the ground in hard to reach areas.
We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions in coordination with local communities and our partners. AAF understands that beyond the political and religious tensions there are individuals and communities that are in immediate need of help. This problem transcends all borders and we are committed to being part of the solution with all who share our vision and goals.
Al Itkan Company
Al Itkan Company Salute/Sociale
ALITKAN is the exclusive business partner of SIEMENS Healthineers, VARIAN, IBA, KARLSTORZ, GETINGE, MINDRAY and ENRAF NONIUS in IRAQ. ALITKAN is also an agent of many other medical equipment and devices in Iraq. The experience of many decades combined with daily passion has enabled us to provide specialist healthcare solutions to our clients which not only meet but exceed their expectations, needs and requirements.
Al-Raya Lab
Al-Raya Lab Salute/Sociale
شركة الراية الذهبية / مختبرات النخبة للتحليلات الطبية
شركة الراية الذهبية - لتجهيز كافة المستلزمات الطبية وتعتبر من اوائل الشركات المميزة في العراق لديها خبرة لسنوات عديدة في هذا المجال.
مختبرات النخبة تعمل على ضمان صحتك - ملايين النتائج الدقيقة .. الاف المراجعين .. مئات الكوادر .. عشرات الاجهزة .. 10 فروع والأسم واحد ( النخبة
Al-SHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau
Al-SHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau Salute/Sociale
ALSHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau is a leading pharmaceutical distributor that registers, imports, promotes, and sells medicines across Iraq, contributing to the nation’s recovery and development. The bureau has a rich and generous history as it was officially registered at the Ministry of Health in 1998 and has long since served both, the public and private pharmaceutical sectors.
Al-Salem Group For General Investments, al-salem
Al-Salem Group For General Investments, al-salem Salute/Sociale
السالم مجموعة شركات تجارية ومن بينها شركة بيت الدواء
Al salem is a group of company in iraq has a lot of activities in manufacturing ,automobile (BMW) and Medicines distributions ( bait al dawa company)
Empowerment Organization for Development and Public Services
Empowerment Organization for Development and Public Services Salute/Sociale
Empowerment Organization for Development and Public Services is a non-governmental organization registered by the Iraqi General Secretariat for the council of ministers.
Since 2019, Empowerment Organization has been operating in Iraq implementing humanitarian development programing, emergency response campaigns and humanitarian aid
Jenna Scientific Bureau
Jenna Scientific Bureau Salute/Sociale
Jenna Scientific Bureau
We are an Iraqi managed company focusing on the developing and building Health Care System in our community. Working with the highest levels of distributors alike, we aim to not only expand our business scale and scope but also have a special interest in serving the needs of the end consumer that requires our products the most.
Jenna Scientific Drug Bureau is aggressively expanding with an intent to increase our product lines exponentially. We are always open to new ideas and opportunities. Business relationships with pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers are continually sought after and welcomed.
Levant Medical Group
Levant Medical Group Salute/Sociale
A major player in the Lebanese healthcare sector; Levant Medical Equipment is the sole distributor of generic healthcare diagnostic imaging, ultrasound and healthcare IT digital solutions in Lebanon. It first began its focus on the sale and maintenance of the medical imaging equipment range but then grew to be the supplier of EDAP-TMS and Intuitive, and now it is covering all the needs of nuclear medicine department.

The challenge: Currently opening in the Iraq, Levant medical needed ERP software to manage all its branches and align the workflow between the different locations from one single place covering its financial, medical engineering &; field service department, inventory, procurement, CRM and HR operations.

Azkatech, the Odoo MENA Partner customized an Odoo ERP solution for levant medical that streamlines all their operations. The implementation included:
- A customized CRM and Sales solution to manage the upcoming leads, automatically open field service tickets and customers information.
- An inventory module that manages the multiple locations and warehouses fully integrated with the field service.
- An accounting module to replace the old one they had and to manage the operations related in single click.
- HR suite that manages all related processes, covering Salary structures mapped to the needed law, Multi salary structure, multi companies, Ability to generate payslip in a user-friendly way, all that is fully Integrated with the punching machine.
Modern Company for Drugs Industries
Modern Company for Drugs Industries Salute/Sociale
Modern Company for Drugs Industries “MDI” is a leading Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer based in IRAQ – Baghdad. A company that manufactures medicines and medical supplies and has a great and honorable history, holds national and international certificates.
Sedo Iraq
Sedo Iraq Salute/Sociale
About SEDO
Sahara Economic Development Organization (SEDO), Iraqi nonprofit NGO with a legal personality means the relief, recovery, sustainable and development of vulnerable and marginalized groups. it's founded by a number of civilian activists on 1/7/2007 in Tikrit city, Iraq. SEDO work to support and enhancement of development in the civil society by coordination with stakeholders and international agencies to reach for all targeted groups. SEDO is fully independent and not supported or supported by any political or partisan party never.
A sustainable and just world for everybody.
A world in which every person attains the right to survival and development with dignity.
SEDO envisages a society where all stakeholders commit to humanitarian principles and good practice for effective and efficient assistance to vulnerable and marginalized groups.
Core Values
A) Humanity B) Impartiality C) Independencey D) Transparency E) Neutrality