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ASELIA Pharma Salute/Sociale
Aselia is a skincare brand powered by active natural ingredients .They are pioneered clean clinical skincare with naturally effective.
Acculab Salute/Sociale
Acculab is the newest division of Ibn Hayan Health Group that has been conceived to cater to the day-to-day Laboratory needs of both doctors and patients Acculab is a full-fledged medical laboratory equipped with the latest machines that are capable to analyzing any blood tests with its accuracy and precision. Headquarted In El sheikh zayed and catering both patients and Doctors with premium quality and personalized care
Agromed Co Ltd
Agromed Co Ltd Salute/Sociale
Founded in 1999 in Kremsmünster, Austria, two decades later we are one of the global market leaders in lignocellulose-based animal feed supplements and we continue to be ‘inspired by nature. During woodland walks and by observing animal behavior, Helmut Grabherr, Founder and CEO of groomed Austria GmbH, was inspired to consider how wood could be used as a natural, healthy source of nutrition.
Ahl Masr
Ahl Masr Salute/Sociale
Ahl Masr Hospital is the first and largest hospital and Research Centre for the free treatment of trauma and burns victims in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.

Located in the 1st settlement in New Cairo district, the hospital is constructed over a land plot area of 200,12 m2, allocated by the Ministry of Housing, and a built-up area of 45,245 m2, with a 175-bed capacity.

The hospital’s main task is to bridge the gap between what society can contribute to burn victims on one hand and the actual needs of burn victims on the other hand; this is possible only by calling for hospitals in general, and Ahl Masr, in particular, to play a different role where the focus is on scientific research as a cornerstone. In addition, training and development for the entire group of service providers, as well as effective social research will ensure a greater understanding of the phenomenon of accidents in general, and burns in particular, to reach the optimal solutions for treating these cases on an individual and societal level.
Al Hewidy Co
Al Hewidy Co Salute/Sociale
Al Hewidy CO. for the distribtion and trade of medicines since 2012
Al-Dawaa Company LLC
Al-Dawaa Company LLC Salute/Sociale
Al-Dawaa Company LLC specialized in the trade of medicines. Al-Dawaa Pharmacies was established in 2005 and has 16 branches so far, and it continues to expand. Our goal is to provide all kinds of required medicines, cosmetics and veterinary medicines
Alam Aldwaa E.J.S. CO
Alam Aldwaa E.J.S. CO Salute/Sociale
At Alam Aldwaa, We aim to deliver technology services with an underpinning set of principles: community satisfaction, technology leadership, staff development, fiscal management, and rock-solid services. Using these areas of focus, we guide technology decision-making and service delivery for the Community and corporates
Community Satisfaction - We deliver our services with consideration of the users, the Alamaldawaa community, not solely from only a technological point of view. When we select technology and offer services, usability and accessibility is a priority. We inform and involve the community in our decision-making processes.
Alphamed Clinics
Alphamed Clinics Salute/Sociale
It is a company that runs multiple clinics in various regions in Cairo and different governorates through whole Egypt. Provide a range of cosmetic and well-health

With a team of the specialized doctors in the field of plastic , Botox and Filler surgeries Alphamed clinics Group aims to provide a high quality service meeting the level of Clients expectations .
Bio Pharma
Bio Pharma Salute/Sociale
BIO PHARMA is a leading manufacturer of private label and branded nutritional supplements. Since our incorporation, BIO PHARMA has emphasized the development and production of high‑quality, unique products in response to emerging trends in the health and nutrition industry. BIO PHARMA produces a full line of nutritional supplements and offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry. BIO PHARMA's product line includes Clinical nutrition products, Pediatric nutrition products, diet products, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal supplements and specialty formulas. BIO PHARMA's broad product line, strong history of new product introductions and innovations, and premium product quality have established BIO PHARMA as a leading manufacturer in the nutritional supplement industry.
Biostream Egypt
Biostream Egypt Salute/Sociale
Biostream is cosmeceutical company started in Egypt since 2016 with objective to cover the gap between the high price of global brand and low quality of local brands, innovative is our seek and product add value is a condition for invest. we started with kolagra skin serum which is the market leader in Vitamin C market in Egypt within 3 years in unique success story.
Bluebell Pharmaceuticals
Bluebell Pharmaceuticals Salute/Sociale
Finding innovative solutions to cure various concerns that affect the skin or hair was the message that Bluebell Pharmaceuticals cared to deliver for its partners in the journey.
Since 2010; the founders of Bluebell Pharmaceuticals put their target to gather their acquired experience, intuitive intellect and scientific basis to deliver the needed treatment to dermatological patients.
Through the last decade; Bluebell Pharmaceuticals has acquired a reputable position in the market and became the preferable brand for a considerable segment of the Egyptians.
For the following decade; our company seeks to expand to invade new markets and serve new customers with our validated and innovative cosmeceutical solutions.
By 2030, we plan to be one of the top 10 companies working in the industry of cosmeceuticals in the Middle East and Africa, and we believe that with our amazing teams we are going to change the shape of the industry in the following ten years.
Bubblzz Bath & Body
Bubblzz Bath & Body Salute/Sociale
Bubblzz offers a wide range of bath & body care products formulated from organic & essential oils.
Elnahar for Medical Solutions
Elnahar for Medical Solutions Salute/Sociale
1-Elnahar has been in the Egyptian market for 32 years specialized in ENT and there is at least one
of our products in every entity related to ENT in Egypt
2-Elnahar is a joint stock company with a capital of 6000,000 pounds with 90 employees, and our
edge over competition is the depth of our operation that extends from Cairo to Delta and upper
. 3- Team: We empower a high caliber team of professionals who serve their customer with
4- Products: We cater for a diversified range of up-to-date products.
5- Services: We tailor a variety of customer focused services.
6- Network: We lead a network of partners, doctors, entities and customers locally and
Excetrend Salute/Sociale
Excetrend company was established in 2014 to serve healthcare customers in Egypt by providing them with high quality products in different segments including Home diagnostics, Personal hygiene & Sexual wellness
Ghandour Hospital Tenth of Ramadan
Ghandour Hospital Tenth of Ramadan Salute/Sociale
تعد المجموعة الطبية للغندور من الصروح الطبية العريقة، وتتعهد ادارة مجموعة الغندور الطبية ان تبذل قصارى جهدها لتتواجد
وتشارك اكبر عدد ممكن من مؤسسات المجتمع المدني و الجمعيات الأهلية و الخيرية و بشكل مستمر فى جهود المشاركات المجتمعية
والتخفيف من أعباء المجتمع والحكومة المصرية طبقا لتوجيهات السيد الدكتور/ عبد الله الغندور - رئيس مجلس الإدارة و تحت الإشراف
المباشر من السيد الدكتور/ محمد الغندور الرئيس التنفيذي للمجموعة.
نسعى دائماً لخدمة مجتمعنا و مصرنا الحبيبه بأرقى مستوى ممكن .. ونتمنى لكم دائما الصحة والسلامة