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Emirates Real Estate Corp.
Emirates Real Estate Corp. Immobiliare
EREC has emerged as one of the most distinguished and prestigious national organizations operating in the UAE real estate sector. Since its establishment in 2000, it has served to make a valuable contribution to the overall development and growth of the national economy. As a result of its strong institutional capacity, high level of professionalism and strong business partnerships across all levels of economic activity, EREC has made a significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall government operations. Tenants include a variety of government entities ranging from ministries to federal authorities. EREC provides full maintenance services to all of its tenants that meet the highest international standards and specifications.
MMT Stayz Vacation Homes Rental
MMT Stayz Vacation Homes Rental Immobiliare
MMT STAYZ is a Dubai-based luxury accommodation Startup agency specialized in providing you with a luxury stay and premium On-Demand services for a curated experience.
MMT Stayz approached Techbot through reference (word of mouth) and shared that they wanted all their processes streamlined to ensure the company should be system-oriented and not people-oriented. After multiple discussions with the team, we gave a complete solution that covered all their requirements.