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Omran TRK
Omran TRK Immobiliare
Omran TRK is an investment real estate company, founded in 2016.

Its investment activity in the Turkish real estate market is based in the city of Yalova, aims to provide safe, quality investment and achieving high profitability through real estate activity in construction and management of residential complexes for shareholders through the company.

Yalova, by its strategic location, especially after being linked to Istanbul through Osmangazi Bridge, which made it easy to move between Yalova and Istanbul.

It is considered a connection point between big cities such as (Bursa – Istanbul – Izmit), through which you can go to both Izmir, Ankara and other cities.

Yalova is also considered one of the quiet and peaceful cities, and it also contains social diversity of the communities that is living in it, and a comfortable social coexistence between these groups, which creates the ideal atmosphere for living in it and is a good motivation for investors from abroad to buy real estate in it

Also, its amazing nature has a role in attracting visitors, whether Turkish or foreigners, as it is famous for its sulfuric waters, its beaches, waterfall, and green forests.

It also has a promising future for urban expansion, enjoys flexible and serious management to provide the necessary facilities to investors and upgrade them.
Road Makers
Road Makers Immobiliare
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