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Arqa for real estate development
Arqa for real estate development Immobiliare
Arqa Developments:
ARQA Development Group (ADG) is an aspiring Real Estate Development Company based in Egypt, with extensive experience across the country and the UAE.
Best House for Contracting
Best House for Contracting Immobiliare
Specializing exclusively in building custom houses and finishing luxury
homes in New Cairo, Best House is New Cairo's premier custom home builder
with a portfolio of over 65 houses.
Established in 1986, El Amar Group is one of Egypt’s leading real estate development companies.
Over three decades our group has delivered a wide range of projects amassing a diverse portfolio of residential, mixed-use and vacation properties all over Egypt.
This includes 13 resorts on the North Coast ( the largest number for any developer in this region ) and 56 residential/mixed-use building complexes spread across the country.
EL Batal Group
EL Batal Group Immobiliare
Al-Batal Group is one of the largest real estate developers in Egypt, where we build and manage six housing compounds designed and executed with very high quality and modern design.
East Delta Contracting Co. Egypt
East Delta Contracting Co. Egypt Immobiliare
East Delta Saudi Co. Ltd was established by a few concordant professionals with a strong purpose of creating an industry-leading
organization that would push the boundaries of the Middle Eastern countries’ construction and industrial scene.
EDSCO has a proud bequest and exemplary reputation for establishing relationships with notable and highly regarded construction
companies in the Middle East. It’s this genuine commitment to people that is the keystone of EDSCO’ philosophy; to provide an
exceptional quality, industry-leading client service.
Each project is managed by our team of highly experienced workforce, incorporating the services of various professionals in the fields
of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts entailing services that deals with civil, electrical and mechanical works,
fabrications, renovations, repairs, maintenance, finishing, landscaping, interior design and other related fields with whom we
undoubtedly established a superb working relationship.
El Nasr Housing & Development النصر للإسكان والتعمير
El Nasr Housing & Development النصر للإسكان والتعمير Immobiliare
As one of the biggest five housing and real estate development companies in Egypt, we have adapted our strategic vision to match with Egypt 2030 plan for development, we believe that our plan will greatly affect the future of real estate development and investment in Egypt.

One of our main interests is the green building, where we care about preserving environment and energy during construction process and in the buildings we provide, that's why we are one of the few companies that are LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
El Safwa for Real Estate Investment
El Safwa for Real Estate Investment Immobiliare
El Safwa for Real Estate Investment is one of the earliest and most successful real estate organizations to invest in new cities. Our key success factor is directing our efforts towards our customers to understand, anticipate, and satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely manner. Committed to our values which are honesty, integrity, and respect, we are seeking to be the pioneer and most successful real estate investment company in the Egyptian market.
Kayan Group for Real Estate
Kayan Group for Real Estate Immobiliare
Kayan Real Estate is one of the leading companies in the field of investment and real estate development and our nominal goal in the `` Kayan '' to spread a different concept of real estate construction and achieve the principle of upscale housing for all, to confirm our motto 'Own luxury' so that our customers become part of us as a single entity and a unified goal.
Novus Stanza
Novus Stanza Immobiliare
Novus Stanza Properties has been at the forefront of the real estate industry in Egypt, offering unparalleled quality and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive community planning process have placed us head and shoulders above the competition. Novus Stanza’s secret for this longevity has always been consistent. Our process begins with acquiring the land, carefully selecting locations offering the most exquisite landscapes for our elite clientele. Then we move on to the planning phase, creating unforgettable designs and building an intricate infrastructure across the land. Novus Stanza helms all aspects of its projects, from planning the streets to creating all needed facilities in the area.
Nozha Beach for tourism
Nozha Beach for tourism Immobiliare
Nozha Group is an Egyptian holding company, was established in 1979 operating in
different Industries. As a result of expansion in various sectors such as Investment,
Real estate, Education, Publishing, shipping, Tourism and IT solutions a group of
companies had been established and gathered under Nozha Group umbrella, therefore
Nozha Group unleashing the success of some of it’s projects from Egypt to KSA,
Turkey, China and United Kingdom. Through Nozha group expertise, well planned and
integrated structure, Nozha Group has become one of the most leading companies in
Egypt and has gained lots of recognizable success and achievements through projects
come from concept into reality.
Reality For Projects Management and Real Estate Investment
Reality For Projects Management and Real Estate Investment Immobiliare
ERA Commercial Egypt established and joined ERA International in 2011, ERA Commercial Egypt is all about providing real estate solutions that accommodate the demands and requirements of all times.

We do not believe in one-size-fits all solutions, and that is why we go out of our way via research and resourcefulness to customize our services. We put our years of know how to use as we devise the plans, recommendations and action plans that best suit every project and customer exclusively.

We are in this business for the long haul and our expertise, agility and contemporary vision answer to the most diverse and particularly real estate needs. Whether our clients are investors or property owners - or both - the ERA Commercial Egypt team gives professional and comprehensive consultations and management services over the full cycle of the real estate project at hand, from beginning to end.

We make sure to always stay informed with the latest market trends, and we are fully aware of the dynamics of the real estate market across the region.

Rekaz Developments
Rekaz Developments Immobiliare
Rekaz launched in 2016 , a dynamic real estate development company, established to offer a sustainable real estate projects with a unique harmony between premium quality, exceptional customer service, innovative yet environment friendly buildings that enable their clients to enjoy the experience of living and working in a smart, secured, and comfortable atmosphere.
Sidi Heneish Village
Sidi Heneish Village Immobiliare
Shehab A. Mazhar Architects is a multi-dimensional architecture, design & consultancy firm offering distinctive services, tailored to the needs of its clients. The firm strives to respond to each project with innovative and appropriate solutions to establish distinguished architectural, master planning, interior and landscape designs that gracefully stand the test of time.

The firm has produced a variety of projects encompassing many building types: residential communities; hotels and resorts; club-houses; office buildings; restaurants and retail stores; sports and recreation centers as well as healthcare facilities.

Shehab A. Mazhar, is a prominent architect who has been at the forefront of architecture and design in Egypt since establishing his firm in 1978. Born in 1954, Mazhar started his career as an academic teaching architecture at Cairo University where he honed his skills and developed his design philosophy. An influential theorist, Mazhar and his team endeavor to have each project express a functional thesis that offers a deep respect for the environment and the human impact upon it. The result is an evolving and appropriate style unrestrained by fashionable labels.