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Bed Janssen
Bed Janssen Grosir/Eceran
Janssen Group is the group of companies, manufacturing its products under three brands: Bed Janssen, Spring Air and Englander.
Forbed Grosir/Eceran
We are looking forward to meet the Egyptian customer need and develop our products according to his/her taste. Quality is our main concern since we focus on bringing the best raw materials .we give affordable price at the same time.
Inspiration Grosir/Eceran
Inspiration LLC is the mother company of Joud a home-ware brand that offer a unique portfolio of products, designed and manufactured in Egypt.

The collection includes more than 15 product variations ranging from textile, wood work and glassware. Design, color and inspiration are what make the business stands out in the market.
Unionaire group
Unionaire group Grosir/Eceran
Unionaire has been started in 1995 to be not only a local group of home appliances manufacturing but to be a global group and few years later Unionaire started its global branches and started to serve hundreds of customers all over the world, By 2005 Unionaire become the largest group for air-conditions manufacturing in the middle East, and continues hard working allow to Unionaire to increase its products range by adding new factories to UNIONAIRE to be one of the market leaders in home appliances manufacturing such as Air conditions, gas cookers, washing machines , refrigerators, freezers, TVs and displays and by our strong capabilities we go very dare for global competition in a global market and by 2010 Unionaire products reach to more than 80 countries worldwide under Unionaire brand and its different brands . And by 2020unionaire aiming to deliver its quality and suitable products which proudly MADE IN EGYPT to each country in the world.