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ERP Ukraine LLC
ERP Ukraine LLC Certified v13 Certified v16
We are here to help your business run faster.
Founded in 2014 ERP Ukraine is specialized in custom MRP solutions as well as localization for Ukrainian accounting and payroll.
Nowadays ERP Ukraine is capable to deliver all services required to implement Odoo in companies of any size starting from one to thousands employees. ...
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Self-ERP LLC Certified v15
Self-ERP is a Ukrainian company that specializes in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for medium and large businesses, using all the capabilities and experience of the Odoo international platform. We develop solutions that increase our clients' positions in the market and promote development. The solution from Self-ERP is a business management ecosystem that provides the client with all the necessary tools for effective company management, combining international experien ...
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LCC LBS Group Certified v15
Since 2014, we have assembled a highly qualified team of talented developers, analysts, consultants and designers. Our focus is on providing a scalable and reliable solution, and our experience and knowledge helps us achieve this.
The LBS group provides the following services:
- revision of the existing system odoo
- full implementation of the system odoo
- administration
- business analysis
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LLC "ST SOLUTIONS" Certified v14
Smart Tek Solutions and Services, LLC is an independent software and consulting company. Since our founding, we have supported small to middle companies with the introduction and implementation of Odoo ERP projects. ERP solutions were always a core area of service, we perform Odoo ERP customization, implementation, and allied services. We have a versatile team that gained considerable experience in modules like:

- Accounting - CRM / Sales / Purchases

- HR / Recruitment - Website / eComme ...
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Українська ІТ команда, що займається автоматизацією бізнес-процесів з 2003 року. Є великий досвід у реалізації та супроводі різних проєктів на базі систем ERP класу.

Команда не тільки впроваджувач готової системи, а і досвідчений розробник. Власна велика команда спеціалістів знайде для вас оптимальні рішення для будь-яких ситуацій.

To do with Odoo - диджиталізація всіх бізнес-процесів підприємства за допомогою однієї системи!
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