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Layline Tech
Layline Tech Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Layline Tech was founded on 2015 by business and technology professionals empowered by creative technology experts.
With 30 years of experience in management of technology and business, leading technology transformation projects in large enterprises in retail, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and telecom, our “lesson learnt” leads us to find simple and agile solutions offered to our clients.
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Bizzup - Gilliam Management Services & Information Systems Ltd.
Bizzup - Gilliam Management Services & Information Systems Ltd.
Bizzup was founded in 2010. Bizzup is led by seasoned C-level tech executives with over 35 years of experience in business, technical and operations management in a variety of environments ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies in Israel and in the US. Bizzup executives worked in Internet, Telecom, Software, Medical Devices, Semiconductors and Service organizations.

With actual experience in Digital Transformation, Enterprise Resources Planning and Customer Relationship Management we ...
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Retama is a well established software solutions company, with more than 10 years of experience developing solutions for all types of organizations. Our company supplies software solutions for startups that require unique software solutions, such as an innovative service to customers with special business logic.
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Scale Up Right
Scale Up Right
We are experienced in the areas of business process, financials, supply chain and technology to help your start-up to scale-up RIGHT.

How can we help?

Recommendation of operational improvements and optimize business processes

Solution design and implementation of Odoo ERP / CRM

Discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful data patterns
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Ygol InternetWork
Ygol InternetWork Certified v14
Ygol is a ERP, Telecommunication & BI’s office formed through the love of unified communication and number crunching.
We're integrating Odoo since version 6 around end of 2013.
Our goal is simple; to make your business more profitable by leveraging our knowledge. We’re small enough to take real pride in each and every job we do, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes.

Website: http://www.ygol.com ...
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Botomations AI by Amirim
Botomations AI by Amirim
"Botomations AI'' is a subsidiary of Amirim Distribution. An Israeli leading computing company that provides a variety of services to businesses of all kinds.

At the beginning of its journey, Yehiel Tovim, the company's CEO, was looking for a way to optimise the internal organisational processes so that he could provide his customers exceptional service with limited personnel. Yehiel began to incorporate smart work methodology among his employees and developed a variety of automations that allo ...