Thế Giới Skinfood Stays Viral on TikTok with Odoo Sales and Human Resources Apps

Company Name: Blue Ocean Services Trading

Location: Vietnam

Industry: Consumer Goods, Retail

Apps Implemented: Dashboards, Fleet, Helpdesk, Expenses, Inventory, Point of Sale, Sales, Barcode, CRM, Maintenance, Events, Blogs, Contacts, Surveys, Purchase, Planning, Time Off, Forum, Skills Management, Attendances, Employees, eLearning, Approvals  , Documents, Studio, Appraisals, Recruitment, Project, Accounting, Website, Invoicing, Online Jobs, Discuss, Payroll, Employee Contracts, Calendar

Partner Name: ORIS Solutions Company Limited (

Company Size: 300+ 

No. of Odoo Users: 218

Established in 2013, Thế Giới Skinfood, under Blue Ocean Services Trading, would not be an unfamiliar name to beauty fans. As a pioneer in its industry in Vietnam, the social-media-viral retailer brings trendy K-beauty brands and other renowned Asian labels to 1.5 million followers on Shopee, 2 million on Facebook, and over 321,000 followers on TikTok

Catching Up With The Tech Trends

As the CTO, I am responsible for introducing the team to new technologies. I am constantly looking for new ways to improve our workflow and improve things for my team. And that is why we use Odoo.

 Tony Lê Minh Thảo• CTO at Blue Ocean Services Trading

To catch up with the ever-changing industry, Thế Giới Skinfood is constantly searching for the next technology that can assist them in leading the industry. With experience managing the different scopes of work with other software, namely Kiotviet for stock management and AMIS for accounting, the growing company saw the importance of data centralization and digitization, minimizing time spent on internal communications, streamlining the workflow, and optimizing resources as they expanded offline with 6 "megastores" with increasing business opportunities.

Thế Giới Skinfood opted for Odoo after consulting with our local partner ORIS Solutions for our budget-optimizing and, nonetheless, full-featured services.

Smart People Management

People are the greatest assets a company has. With Odoo, Thế Giới Skinfood smartly utilized our different apps to serve its purpose. 

The beauty retailer dedicated the first phase of its Odoo implementation to bettering its human resources management flow. Laying the groundwork, Thế Giới Skinfood first configured its Odoo Human Resources suite with the Studio app to update the legal working hours and other localized features to comply with the government's regulations. The changes automatically reflect on Odoo Payroll and Time Off, contributing to a seamless salary calculation. 

Thế Giới Skinfood then utilizes Odoo e-Learning, a learning management system (LMS) with interactive build-in features that optimizes message delivery, to communicate all changes made on their back-end system internally. With clock-in, clock-out, and other tutorial videos available on the app, the retail pioneer can efficiently implement the new system, ensuring that all 300+ staff have appropriate technical support. 

Centralized Sales Management 

The next step was data digitization and centralization. 

On the front end, Thế Giới Skinfood implemented Odoo Point of Sales, Barcode, and other apps to handle the businesses in-store and online, and Helpdesk for customer support; the operations team, in the meantime, designed a management workflow with Odoo Project, Planning, and Approvals, to provide seamless administrative support to the soaring sales. 

Centralizing all management on Odoo Project, the beauty store now handles various department workflows through a user-friendly Kanban view.

Whenever a fresh business idea arises, the team can create a task within the respective projects and tag the responsible parties — managers, aka the project owners, will promptly be notified and can easily monitor the progress. This streamlined workflow enhances communication and fosters a proactive environment for the team to generate innovative ideas to drive business improvement. 

Odoo has also significantly simplified the managerial tasks for Thế Giới Skinfood. With Odoo Approvals, team leaders are able to speed up the approval process, ensuring that all information and documents are consolidated and swiftly passed on to the executing departments once they receive approval. This app proves particularly vital when it comes to recruitment and finance management for the constantly growing company. 

Approval is a crucial application in Blue Ocean's workflow, where all proposal requests are digitized and operated on Odoo to eliminate the need for previous paper-based processes.

Nhung Nguyen • Head of Marketing at Blue Ocean Services Trading

With a streamlined workflow as well as optimized use of resources, Thế Giới Skinfood now makes better and more timely business decisions to continue leading the industry.

Growing As a Team

Odoo has fulfilled Thế Giới Skinfood's initial request for data digitization and centralization. More than that, the new system has also helped its team acknowledge their contribution and strive for better performance in the future. 

Thế Giới Skinfood

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