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INTEGRATED PATH المسار المتكامل

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INTEGRATED PATH المسار المتكامل
District 102, Lane 33, Bldg 103, Floor 6, Al Saadoon Street
+964 (0) 773 114 4339, +964 (0) 783 114 4339

Integrated Path is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator based in Baghdad - IRAQ.We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of software development, hardware supply and implementation, cloud solutions, hosting service and advanced technologies. Our experienced staff of professionals have worked with a wide array of platforms, languages, and tools and met the customer’s satisfactions and business goals.

Integrated Path provides one stop automated solution for your trade and industry. Depending on the size and field of your organization, we have different products and services to meet your requirements. We provide the optimum and customized solutions made for your organization.