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NB Group
NB Group is a Digital Business Consulting Company. We help our customers to reshape their
business model and digitize their services or reinvent digital processes. Digitization or Digital
transformation help the businesses to create new value, attract investors, embrace the
technology to differentiate themselves among the competitors and generate a low cost revenue
in the digital economy.
Najd Al Majd Company Ltd
Authorized Partner of Odoo Software dealing in customization and implementation of Odoo software.
New Vision Integrated Systems NVIS
( الرؤية الجديدة للأنظمة المتكاملة ) مؤسسة سعودية متخصصة في مجال تقديم حلول تقنية المعلومات والاستشارات منذ عام 1995م وخلال أكثر من 20 عاما استطاعت أنظمة نفيس أن تساعد أكثر من مائة مؤسسة وهيئة للارتقاء بأعمالهم وتحقيق المزيد من النجاح ، ونقدم أفضل الخدمات لعملاؤنا الكرام من خلال تقديم الحلول والخدمات البرمجية الخاصة بتحليل وبناء تطبيقات الحاسب الآلي، وتصميم وبناء وتطوير قواعد البيانات والتطبيقات (بحسب احتياجات العميل) ، تحت إشراف مهندسون معتمدون ومتخصصون يقومون بتقديم الدعم لكبري الشركات .
وكان ...
Open SA
Open SA has established its operations in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia since 2017 to provide software and development services to the small and medium enterprise in private and sem-gov sector in the MENA region.
Peerless - KSA
Peerless Technology is an expert in software integration. Peerless can help businesses in creating a competitive edge and value by providing different solutions that can enhance your Business performance and efficiency:

Inside: Peerless technology helps business to achieve the process excellence (Effectiveness, Efficiency and economy) by providing Odoo ERP solution and application development.

Outside: Peerless technology helps businesses to achieve reaching potential customer smoothly and ...
RAQEEM, is a Saudi Arabia-based computer engineering services company that supports companies in their IT projects.
With its competent team, RAQEEM specializes in information systems consulting, BI (business intelligence) and dedicated web and mobile solutions.

Our mission is to simplify and optimize the information systems of companies in order to ensure a continuity of the IT services while increasing the productivity of the employees and reducing the IT costs of the organization.

Pre ...
Raed Technology Co
Raed Technology is on of NAHL holding companies, located in Riyadh and Cairo, providing software services in a different way, focused on making our life easier, with smart and young vision, experts developers will do the different to your environment. We strongly taking care of our commitments, our deliverables must be beyond your expectations.
Sahara Net
Sahara Net is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Cloud Solutions Provider in the Saudi Market, the company has rapidly grown since 1989 to offer corporate comprehensive solutions.
Saudi Bashayer Co. Ltd
شركة البشائر السعودية شركة متخصصة في أعمال البنية التحتية من شبكات صرف صحي وشبكات صرف أمطار وشبكات الكهرباء والاتصالات بالإضافة إلى مشاريع المباني والإنشاءات.
فريق تكنولوجيا المعلومات في الشركة بعد تنفيذ التطوير الداخلي لبرنامج أودو على مدي عدة أعوام تم تخصيص جزء منه لتقديم خدمات أودو للشركات المشابهة أو أي نوع آخر من الشركات السعودية لما لفريق التطوير من قدرة على إعادة توظيف أكواد البرنامج حسب نشاط الشركات الأخرى.
Smart concept is a unique business portfolio, we are knowledge and value enablement organization, we help organizations in acquiring and implementing best practices, in demand management, sales enablement, supply chain excellence, resources optimization and strategy deployment and execution effectiveness.
Cybersobol has aim to become a leading Information Technology (IT) services provider of IT-related services in the Middle East across the regions of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, etc. The company focuses on IT infrastructure solutions, ERP implementations and development and Cyber risk services.
TeleNoc (Helcon IT) is an IT Services & Solutions Provider Company based in Saudi Arabia having HQ
in Riyadh and presence in Jeddah and Dammam as well. TeleNoc has its branch offices in UAE,
Bahrain, Pakistan and India as well.
TeleNoc started its operations since many years back by developing its own ERP software and then
subsequently diversified its skill in the areas of Business Process Consulting and Solutions by having
strategic partnerships with the Best of the Breed 500 Company’s product ...
To infinity IT
We provide all it solution include hardware software and idea, you don't need hard program to start you need to work easy with easy workflow.
نوفر جميع احتياجاتك من البرامج والأجهزة الخاصة بها وكذلك الافكار المميزة لتجهيز برنامجكم الخاص، لا تحتاج برنامج معقد لتبدأ العمل ما تحتاجه هو برنامج يناسب احتياجات مخطط سير العمل لديك.
Waseel ASP Ltd.
Waseel is a pioneer in information technology (IT) solutions provider in KSA.
Incorporated in May 2003, as an Application Service Provider (ASP) in the Gulf, Waseel operates a highly secure web based “business-to-business” (B2B) portal offering professional e-business solutions.
Waseel offerings/services are well spread out in the consulting and healthcare domain.
build & Control
We are proud that we offer a different way to enable companies to manage their business in a different way using the best techniques specialized in ERP and provide support to ensure that these techniques are run in a fast, and feasible way through our services to prepare the system, training and preparation, in addition to the accounting services which ensure the extraction of certified financial reports in addition Follow-up services and archiving of employment requirements in accordance with t ...