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Fabrice Dube


I want to create a custom report with my company name, next to it the company logo and then quotation's # and date.

All on the same horizontal line.

In studio, I add the company name from the address book function but I can't seem to select "image" to go anywhere next to it. It's like images can only be vertically higher or lower than other information? Is there a way to accomplish this?

thank you. 

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  • go to any sale order

  • start Studio

  • go to reports

  • select the quotation/order report to edit it

  • drag and drop an "Inline field". In the popup, choose company>display name and submit

  • drag and drop another "Inline field". In the popup, choose company>company logo and submit

  • if your company logo is too big, click on it and change its 'width' in pixels, eg. 50px

  • (Alternatively you can change the font style to 'small' on the 'h2' tag.

    Result: https://i.imgur.com/Ivixwpv.png

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Fabrice Dube

Excellent! thank you very much!

I wanted to ask: I will use cie name and below it: addr using 3 lines then below phone # then email and website. To the right add the text "Quotation" then below quotation # and below Quotation date. How can we also add empty space?

Sorry to ask all this I cannot seem to find references for it.