Set a notification when employee is without a task


I'm having trouble figuring out how to notify the Admin/Manager when an employee is about to be without a task. 

For example: 

Employee1 = have a task -> That task runs out in 2 days -> notify the manager that it runs out in 2 days. 

I've tried to set up up the logic in automated actions, but I can't get it to work. 

Your help would be much appreciated!

Best regards, Emil

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Ibrahim Boudmir

Basically, you get all tasks that are not finished and their time has run out.

if they exist, you create a notification to the manager having the list of the tasks you searched for. I don't see why it does not work unless you write a bad code.

share your code in order to help.

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We have here the following data in project tasks to do logic

  1. Planned Date

  2. Planned Hours

  3. Assigned Employee

So you can make your logic depends on these fields. You can also take the group of employees with the remaining hours from the pivot/Gantt report.