Install OCA modules from command line

Amit Bhardwaj

Hello all, 

This question is related to installation of Odoo modules(OCA specifically) from command line. I have been able to use odoo-bin to setup DB and install module from a single command BUT, I am unable to install OCA modules using odoo-bin.

Since, developer's mode need to be enabled to install 3rd party modules in Odoo, can you please let me know how I can enable developer mode from CLI/API or any other way. 

Thanks in advance. I am fairly new to Odoo world so let me know if any additional information is required. 

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We can install the oca module by clone the git repository in your server and add the directory to your `odoo.conf` file.

For better understanding you can follow the blog below.

And in the case of activating developer mode you can follow the steps below

General Settings -> Go to down using mouse scrollbar 
Where you will find the Developer Mode option with three different categories 
Activate the developer mode - Mostly Used by the Administrators
Activate the developer mode (with assets)  - Mostly used by the developers
Activate the developer mode (with tests assets)  - Mostly used by the developers and testers.

Hope it helps