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Al Wadi Al Gadid co. For Mineral Resources & Oil Shale - Wadico
Al Wadi Al Gadid co. For Mineral Resources & Oil Shale - Wadico Bergbau
Established for Activities related to prospecting, extracting, cutting and processing mineral ores and minerals, and carrying out any industrial operations on them. This does not include sand and gravel quarries. Activities related to exploration of the oil and carbon sludge in the places of its presence in the Arab Republic of Egypt to conduct any industrial operations. Consulting services in the field of economics of operation and exploitation of mineral and quarry ores and sludge and carbon.
Arabian Steel Industries
Arabian Steel Industries Bergbau
The Arabian Steel Company is a wholesale manufacturing company located in the Ain Sokhna region. It specializes in producing
and supplying high-quality steel and metal materials to customers worldwide.
With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, the Arab Steel Company manufactures a wide range of metal
products, including bars, plates, pipes, and other metal fittings.
The company places great emphasis on innovation and continuous development of its materials and processes to meet the
needs and requirements of its customers. It ensures the production of top-notch products that adhere to global industry
The Arabian Steel Company boasts a qualified and dedicated workforce that works diligently and efficiently to execute
production operations with high precision. Quality control and thorough inspection of products before delivery are of utmost
importance to the company.
In summary, the Arabian Steel Company is a leading player in wholesale manufacturing, equipped with modern technologies
and a specialized team that strives to deliver high-quality products to customers worldwide.
Asec Company For Mining - ASCOM
Asec Company For Mining - ASCOM Bergbau
Extracting mining materials, metals and cutting them by all means whether used by hand or machines, as well as
studies for soil and mining materials.
- Geological and Geographic survey over mining materials, mines and quarries.
- Extracting, cutting and preparing mining materials and metals.
- Studying and evaluating existing mines and quarries and evaluating its machines, equipment’s and components.
- Operating and managing quarries and mines and providing technical assistance and consultancy in mining field.
- Offering all the technical services related to the field of mining and the industries fields related to mining as treating
mining materials and metals by converting, mixing, shaping and packing.
- Manufacturing parts, components and spare parts of the equipment’s used for operating mines and quarries and
assembling, maintaining, and fixing the equipment parts whether fixed or movable.
- Maintenance and repair of exploration and drilling equipment for oil and gas field.
- The company may import and acts as a commercial agent for Egyptian and foreign companies which serve the
company’s objectives
and acts as a commercial agent for Egyptian and foreign companies which serve the company’s objectives
Energy Egy Co
Energy Egy Co Bergbau
Since 1970 we have been improving lives and enhancing every day moments – at home at work and virtually everywhere in between. Still today, we are widely recognized for our iconic EEG who has remained the face of our brand for over half century.

And our products remain staples in several markets in different countries.

That’s because we’re a company with vision, drive and a big heart.
International Naval Works
International Naval Works Bergbau
INW Mission is to provide the Oil & Gas Offshore Industry with best, safe, reliable and high quality marine services, taking into consideration safe operation, pollution prevention and cost effectiveness.
Omya Egypt
Omya Egypt Bergbau
Omyat part of Green Egypt Group mission is to Produce high quality Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Silica, Kaolin) from the best sources For the wide range of industrial application as Surface Treated Carbonate, Talc Powder and Silica Flour. by using the highest technology for both Local and International markets.
We put all our resources to obtain high-quality products for a wide range of Industrial Applications.
Also, we put all our resources to obtain customer's satisfaction in both domestic and international markets assuring our best services and performance.