Interested in the Odoo x Proximus partnership and what it can bring you? You are on the right page !

You have surely realized this... The environment in which your company operates is changing, we can no longer ignore the digital revolution or the need to find powerful and adapted tools to deal with it. Whether we are talking about VSEs, SMEs or large companies, everyone will have to review their way of working sooner or later, so why wait?

Today two Belgian giants have entered into a partnership to bring you the digital solutions you need:

  • Odoo S.A. is a Belgian company that has developed a suite of business applications allowing you to manage all the needs of your SME, ergonomically, gradually and at controlled costs. 
  • Proximus is a well-known telecommunications giant in Belgium. The company provides a range of services for individuals and businesses.

Together, Odoo and Proximus have decided to support you in the development of your activities and to offer you the best suited tools to address your needs. This translates into several formulas depending on your "digital profile":

  • Discovery: we offer you 2 x 2 hours of consultancy with Odoo experts who will analyze your company's needs and determine which applications would be most useful to you. You will be entitled to a tailor-made demo, with an Odoo expert !
  • Explorer : do you already have an idea of ​​what you need? Test Odoo apps for free during one of our 15-day trials. Without commitment, this formula is simple and allows you to discover the features of our apps at your own pace.
  • Booster : You are convinced and want to equip your company with the best applications on the market but you need support? Think of Success Packs. Odoo offers you to better control your costs with a promo code entitling you to 50% on its Success Packs!

Do you want to manage your business with ease, anytime and from anywhere? Equipping yourself with state-of-the-art and fully integrated tools at a reasonable cost speaks to you? It's high time to give Odoo a chance in this case ;)

These few apps could change your life!

CRM - The ultimate customer relationship management tool. It allows you to follow your prospects, to make precise forecasts, to optimize the working time of your employees, to keep a real-time overview of your performance. Don't underestimate it, its name is not very long but its functionalities are powerful.

Website - This application is perfect if you want to create your website in a few clicks using our AI. Answer a few questions and your website will be automatically generated! Want to modify it? No problem, drag and drop building blocks to customize your pages, no coding required, we promise!

Invoicing - The essential of good business management. Invoicing goes hand in hand with the Accounting module, together they will allow you to benefit from the latest innovations in accounting: Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, pre-filling of data and much more! Even KPMG loves it.

eSignature - Getting a signature has never been so fast and secure! Thanks to our eSignature module, send, sign and accept all documents online. It's time to save resources and boost your performance, across all departments, without skimping on security. Benefit from Secure Identification and Document Integrity... and 100% legal, what more could you ask for?

Documents - Want to stop using paper in your company? Very good idea for both ecology and organization. With Documents, everything is where you need it, instantly available. Keep track of all your files and never lose one.

So far Odoo has developed more than 50 applications to help you manage your business and take it to the next level! Visit the Proximus pages to benefit from 2 x 2 hours of consultancy, free trials or 50% off your Success Packs.

You already have the best of telephony and internet, don't stop there, get started with Odoo to manage your business.

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