Waste Management Firm Cowin Saves 30% Operation Time On Odoo

Company Name: Cowin Environmental Resources Limited

Location: Taiwan

Industry: Services

Company Size: 130

Partner Name: Prestige Digital Consulting (https://www.pdc680.com)

Apps Implemented: Maintenance, Attendances, Project, Timesheets, CRM, Blogs, Website, Recruitment, Online Jobs, Data Cleaning, Sales, Employees, Approvals, Documents, Helpdesk, Studio, Expenses, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, Notes, Discuss, Employee, Contracts, Calendar, Dashboards

Number of Users: 80

Hosting Type: Odoo.sh

Established in 2018 in Taiwan, Cowin Environmental Resources Limited offers comprehensive treatment services for processing general, industrial, and medical waste. With a strong commitment to the environment and social responsibility, the company introduced the Shredding-Mixing-Pumping (SMP) waste management system in Taiwan and actively participated in community services. 

Unique Reverse Business Model

Due to the complexity of Cowin’s reverse business model, where it charges for receiving waste and pays post-production, readily made ERP solutions existing in the market did not fit their approach, and other imported industry solutions were incomplete for they lacked operational efficiency and compliance to strict governmental and environmental regulations.

The service provider works closely with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Taxation Bureau. The team used to spend a lot of time sorting and documenting the physical copies of bills and invoices and manually entering data into Excel sheets. Cowin wanted to minimize the room for error and ensure data accuracy across the board with a well thought out solution to mitigate potential financial and operational risks down the line.

In search of a customizable ERP solution, Cowin decided to revamp operations with Odoo by working with Prestige Digital Consulting, a professional team well-versed in accounting configurations, to answer the following business needs.

  • Accounting compliance with official departments 
  • Reverse logistic process  
  • Intricate approval process

Paperless Business Transformation

With the help of our local partner, Cowin now manages inventory and projects on Odoo to complement its unique business model.

Customized Modules to Extract Key Information

With a dedication to helping Cowin simplify business processes, Prestige Digital Consulting designed customized apps to help Cowin extract key data and facilitate a smooth business flow.

Weighbridge: Calculates fees and charges based on the weight of incoming waste, enabling accurate billing

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System): Tests and collects laboratory data to identify the composition of waste materials

AI Engine: Checks for any components that exceed the official standards

Data Centralization for Efficient Inventory Management and Approval Process

Cowin used to manage data on Excel sheets while keeping physical copies of all bills and invoices. The team had to manually look through the sea of documents before getting ahold of the one sheet it was looking for to scan, upload it online, and enter the data into Excel during the tax season. 

Now, with Odoo, Cowin centralizes all data from the customized modules. This saves the team up to 30% time on data entry and collection.

On Odoo Inventory, managers at Cowin and the production team can view all project details, including the manufacturer contract, LIMS data, and waste composition, while keeping track of total inventory and storage capacity in real-time by simply searching for the client names or invoice or billing numbers.

Having each batch's treatment history documented in detail by event occurrence date and time, Cowin can effortlessly pull out any transaction details from any projects as evidence for the Taxation Bureau's reference during tax season.

With the help of the Odoo local partner, Cowin also utilizes Odoo Approval and Odoo Sign for a streamlined signoff process to push through the project efficiently with an access right configuration complying with the IPO (initial public offering) standard.

When a document is pending approval, assignees will automatically receive an email notification from Odoo that includes a pathway to take the recipients directly to the document on Odoo Sign. Centralizing the entire approval process on Odoo, Cowin can electronically move paperwork down-up from on-field staff to the managerial level, saving both time and paper.

Maximum Flexibility

Accessible via Wifi, Odoo allows the Cowin team to manage and complete tasks anywhere and anytime on their mobile devices—while the operation team on field extracts an overview of the project on the AI Engine on tablets, such as disposal composition and targeted completion timeline, managers can approve budget and expenditure and project agreement on their phones when they are out of office or in commute. 

Odoo is complete and flexible, especially with customization services from Prestige Digital. Based on customer needs, the system can be modified flexibly. I strongly recommend Odoo and Prestige Digital to Taiwan businesses.

Kuo Yi-Chang• General Manager at Cowin Environmental Resources

Cowin Environmental Resources

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