SAKR Real Estate Pioneers Smart Construction

Company Name: Sakr Real Estate Odoo 
Country: Lebanon
Industry: Real Estate
Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Studio, Inventory, Website, Email Marketing, Documents and Developed a module for real estate and call center
Company Size: 200
Implementation Timeline: 1 Month
Odoo Partner: Azkatech
Customer Success Manager: Leen Suleiman

About SAKR Real Estate
As the first developer to pioneer smart construction in the MENA region, Sakr Real Estate is committed to establishing extraordinary developments. By bridging the complex world of advanced technologies with the simple comfort of an enhanced quality of life, Sakr Real Estate is designing unprecedented projects that will revolutionize the real estate sector. Sakr Real Estate advances and enriches human-connecting hubs by fulfilling market needs and aims to become a game-changer in the field of property development, management, marketing, and sales consultancy in the Lebanese and regional real estate markets.

Pain points
Sakr real estate's activities, from lead management to inventories and reporting, were being done manually and heavily dependent on Google's online sheets functions. In late 2019, following a boom in real estate purchase in Lebanon, in just a few months the team's inbound leads exceeded the tens of thousands. Managing the process on Google sheets was slowing down the team activities, preventing them from getting in touch with their leads in a reasonable amount of time and made the management job harder. Some of the challenges faced included:
• Google online sheet became sluggish with the large number of leads 
• Inability to track leads and opportunities, track histories and ease collaboration
• Different reporting needs required for the Team leaders, Area managers and Upper management

Implementing Solutions
The team at Sakr real estate needed a robust CRM and sales management platform to be implemented within a week that would cater for the specific needs of their business. After speaking to Odoo’s Gold Partner, Azkatech, the team was introduced to their new ERP solution. The business required a property management solution to be live within a few days to catch the small window of new opportunities. Azkatech was up to the challenge and customized Odoo ERP to capture the details needed for real estate sales. With the assistance of Azkatech, who helped gather the requirements, and designed the right solution, Sakr managed to go live within a week. The solution was ready to serve the increasing number of leads in a short period of time and capture the window of opportunity that opened up. The implementation included a customized version of Odoo Real Estate CRM, made up of two parts. One for the sales pipeline for selling properties and another for the procurement pipeline for acquiring new properties. 

Real estate Sales Pipeline 
Each business needs unique data in order to fulfill their job and workflows efficiently. The CRM data dictionary was customized using studio to capture essential real estate data such as: property type, size, location, payment methods and if the lead was interested in other properties. The CRM data gives the team essential information to qualify leads and opportunities and prioritize them. Thus, facilitating the work of the sales team from one side and providing all needed data for managers to steer the sales effort. In brief: 

Allowing call centers to gather required information and quickly qualify them
Organize the sales cycle, giving the team insights about data that need to be gathered from the prospects to be added to the CRM directly with real time traceability
Dynamic CRM tool taking into account the business intelligence where the dashboard will give insights and highlight the “in-the-buying” window opportunities for Sakr's sales team to catch the closure directly
Last but not least, the CRM covered: 
o Bank Account information 
o Tags that enable the manager to scroll through and check different insights.

Sales workflow 
The sales workflow covered multi touches from the first call till the closing of a deal. Leads where prioritized automatically via a customized algorithms thus allowing higher value leads to be handled first. It showed teams and managers the total pipeline value and automatically highlighting duplicate leads thus preventing the same people working on the same leads. Activity tracking was easier and streamlined. Sales people never missed follow ups, and management was able to easily review sales activities. In addition, the system allowed the re-activation of un-answered leads once an opportunity arose and met the lead requirements.   

Price Simulator  
The new opportunity also came with challenges: multiple payment methods. Clients were willing to pay in USD/Euro/LBP and in Check or Cash and some had frozen deposits. Each of those payment methods had a different value due to the economic situation in Lebanon. This mix made the job of the sales team harder and often required a lengthy process to generate simulations. Online simulator in Odoo  were developed by Azkatech, that helped the team to generate different payments scheme on the spot while they were with the customers thus minimizing the time of decisions, and speeding up the deal closure.

Procurement Pipeline  
Procurement is required to collect data along the different stages and each data is collected by a different person. These steps are all managed from one single place instead of viewing each data for the stage alone. The person would be able to view all the collected data from every contributor in one single place starting from the data collected by the agent, to the manager’s follow up, up until the different pricing and interests showing. There was now the:
• Ability to check all the insights needed for the procurement with the customized dashboard, from the data collected from the Agent, to the manager’s follow up, until the insights about the chances of showing interest.
• Integration of all info in one single place which enabled the team to reach needed info from one place instead of searching for them across multiple departments. 
• Clear view of all the payment options whether Cash (LBP or USD) or Check along with the Sales team responsible.

Procurement workflow 
Odoo helped Sakr capture all chances of acquiring new properties through an organized cycle from evaluating, collecting the legal papers and documents, professional estimation, pricing up until negotiation and acquisition. 

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